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Jeez. Google Plus is my home page. Just got the new layout and I literally jumped when I saw it. Initial thoughts: Hideously baroque. Really poor design. But maybe it will grow on me.
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Definitely not built around a wide screen landscape.
I agree. I would say "why mess with a good thing," but it's more like "why mess with a thing"...
Really? I'm kind of open to it. I think there were a lot of functional problems with the old one that they want to solve with this. My large monitor isn't well utilized though... hope to solve that soon.
It's not growing on me, Leo; I hate it more the longer I look at it. Horrible waste of space; content is squeezed into about 1/3 of the available horizontal space.
i hate it.
I liked the old layout because it was simple and clean. Now there's stuff all over my G+ page. If I wanted Facebook style clutter, I'd use Facebook.
I totally respect you Leo, but this new design is VERY nice. The top ribbon linking to my Circles newstream is very handy and the ribbon in the left column can be modified by dragging to any order desired
Greg M
I totally agree with you. The only display that does not have an expanse of whitespace is on a 17" monitor.I think Google must of got a good deal on whitespace and used it for the redesign.
I will need sweets, loads of sweets to get over this
Lot's empty space. Hangouts gets the whole right side to itself. Why not add it to the left side ribbon and give the posts the extra space?
I like it after a bit of using it. yeah a few things could be changed but its not bad... still better then FB!
I'm not so sure the original experience was much different. It's now just fancier looking and left-aligned. (One feature I like: drag things like "pages" and "games" to the "more" icon and hide them forever!)
I wouldn't do it. I need the first page my browser loads to be as light and fast as possible. Unfortunately G+ doesn't fit the bill.
I thought FB had change again and I was on the wrong page. First impression is not good.
i have a widescreen.. please use it google!
It depends on the size of your browser -- it's pretty good if you size it JUST right... ;)
Gotta disagree with you Leo.... Loved it as soon as I saw it... I can actually find my photos now.
A couple of tweaks here and there and it will be great. Just need to adjust the white space to the right.
I actually like it... but I do see room for improvement; empty space is a bit odd.
The design is all right, but there is a lot of wasted space now.
And, the dynamic updating of this thread is very cool
I really like it. I feel it looks less cluttered than it did before (which I feel Facebook feels very cluttered).

Your reaction during preshow for Security Now on +TWiT was great!
can't be worse that FB. Need a friggin' PHD to navigate...
I think if more people would try g+, they would find it's more user friendly.
To be honest if it has to "grow on" someone it's probably a design fail.
The old one was so much simpler.

(also, as I was writing this comment, a new post appeared and scrolled the whole feed down automaticly until I couldn't see this box)
But you hate anything different from what your use too
Poor design? With all respect, I disagree on that strongly.
If they let me customize the size of the various columns, and maybe get rid of the chat column on the right ... kind of like how you can customize an iGoogle page, I'd be happier with it. It's pretty, but it's not a very good use of the space on my screen.
little disorienting right now...
I'm a fan - looks great and easier to navigate!
the new design is bad ... too much empty white space, awkward left alignment w/ left nav in different alignment than the logo... gray on gray comments... the whole things just sucks
Why does it have be filled with stuff? Too much can be noisy.
put a live stream of your notifications on the right to fill the space, and it will be ok
I like some of the new layout but, wow, let us collapse all this extra space area or something to expand the actual content.
Oh and I want a -1 for comments
will g
I like it.
I will say at least the re design actually has me logged into G+ for the 1st time in months... so there is that right?
Very interesting, I really like the new look, think the features are much more accessible now ...
Call me stupid, where did my slider bar go? How do I scroll down the page?
Go full screen and see all the white.
That's what we all hope during every "reinvention" of a social networking platform. It seems like this redesign was fueled by this week's mandatory Timeline update on Facebook.
Pretty busy now. And I don't like the left justified stream
But we know google+ developers listens to its users so we might get a fix for those who has wide screens. I like the new design actually.
Thing is I have more faith in Google listening to user feedback and adapting than FB. When FB changed everyone complained and they just shrugged,
White space is also very prevalent on many websites as most don't make their sites very wide to work on full-screen browsers on widescreen monitors. That's why I usually don't run my browser full screen.
I think they should have nested comments (like reddit) so you can reply to individuals and see when people reply to your comments - also there is a lot of unused space on the right hand side, it would have been nice to see the stream stretch to include that
I see potential, but on my widescreen desktop monitor there is way to much wasted space on the right. Other than that, I like it.
I still cannot group message both mobile and web (similar to how Facebook can), cannot create closed groups where only content shared to the group is seen, cannot dynamically maintain a circle so that if I share and add people to the circle the circle will auto-update.

This is still pretty much a mess.
People always complain when there is change, in a month you will ferociously object to changing this one to the next iteration...
+kevin krewell Noticed the white on the right side, but I think its more readable in the column, may they'll add a second column later, that would be cool.
I wonder who was the guy who said: "Looks great lets push this into production?"
As long as they realize most of us have HD resolution screens and can optimize the interface to fill the available area left to right...
I'm also finding there's a ton of wasted space. Seems well thought out otherwise.
The profile looks a lot like Facebook - but mirrored
Leo T
Yeah +Leo Laporte don't whine so soon! Give it a couple of days.
Wow - I had the exact opposite reaction. I really like it. Agree with some comments that there's too much white space, and not sure why the elements don't dynamically expand to fill that depending on screen size. Maybe they're working on it.
Google seems to be obsessed with wasting screen real estate which explains why I'm holding onto the "old" gmail UI as long as I possibly can. At least they used visible borders here.
The whitespace is reserved for ads.
Yeah they seem to have really missed the boat when it comes to fluid design, oh well
I think I need to turn my monitor portrait mode now?
Wide text areas would be harder to follow. More and more people are on laptops and iPads with smaller screens and not massive horizontal resolutions. Also, the width of the posts on here is pretty much identical to Facebook on my 11" Air, the only difference is that on Facebook the right column moves down with the scrolling and it doesn't on Plus, which makes the whitespace looks more.
Leo have you seen your TWiT page? This design is actually very nice. Great use of white space and things just make more sense.
You know what they say, if its not baroque don't fix it, so now maybe they will fix it, lol
Hideously baroque?? It looks the same to me, just skinnier.
I don't know about baroque, but there are some (I believe) obviously bad design choices.
I like how they have emphasized the chat functions more, and how they are at least trying to use horizontal space better by moving some of the navigation to the side of the screen.
But my favorite flub is the white space to the right of the stream content. For some reason, the Trends and You Might Likes share both common space and common fate (scrolling) with the main stream content. But because those items don't take up as much vertical space as the actual stream, when you scroll down there is an enormous empty column of wasted area that otherwise could be used to emphasize content! And that's on a a 14" 1366x768 screen - the amount of wasted area on larger screens is phenomenal.
That much white-space does not make sense when it is in between primary elements of the page (between the stream and the chat bar).
i don't like it because why this can only show only your 2 top circles and can't expand it when you have space but hangout is better now
Too many lines, boxes, shadows, etc compared to the previous design. Also you are right about the waste of space. It should go back to being centred, or switch to a tiled multi-column layout for really wide monitors!
+Leo Laporte Why is it poor design if you just happen not to like it? You say this often, like with Android 4.0, which most people hail as an example of great design...
My Dad alwys said "If it ain't 'baroque' then don't fix it" -- thank you I'll be here all night.
Grey text or graphics on a white or similar background is hideous.
if this is from Microsoft the left column where is what was on top would be on bottom the footer frame, maybe they going to be on windows 8 app perhaps
I'm with you. Not liking the new design at all.
I think it looks great if you have a small monitor or you don't have the screen maximized.. But yeah on my 1920x1080 display there is an atrocious amount of white dead space between the chat/hangout and the trending/suggestions area. Surprised google let such a bad design flaw make it through QAR
+Jani Turunen I agree. Circles is a distinguishing feature for Google+. Why are they marginalizing it like that? I think it's much harder to switch between different circles (and therefore different types and sources of content) now.
+Martin Anderson Good point there. I was thinking it seemed disorganized but I wasn't sure why. All the various frames of different sizes and lines running on different axes makes it harder to focus.
I do like it. Simpler and cleaner. White space is a good thing - Facebook is jam packed with so much stuff I don't know where to look. This is the Anti-Facebook.
+Rodney Howell There is nothing wrong with some white space but having a huge open desolate amount of it looks bad. It needs to be broken up in some way.
Design, not so great. But the trending stuff is very Twitter-esque and it's nice to see it right there on the front.
I'm surprised to hear that. I think the navigation ribbon really simplifies the experience and helps to better highlight things like Hangouts and Photos. The new look for photos and videos is also really well done, and the reworked cards, comments, and post statistics make it much easier to scan the page.
Surprise! Leo hates change! I really didn't expect that.
* Gray on gray comments makes it hard to follow discussions.
* Why is every element in its own little box? Goodbye the concept of "stream". Hello chat bubbles. Aww! Cute.
* The profile photo obscures some of the creative designs people did on their profile pages with the 5 scrapbook photos.
* You have to be gainfully employed to use Google+ since they really want you to identify where you "Work at" for the text on your hovercard. (That text is shouting boldface on the Profile page and illegible gray on the hovercard).
* Now I see two circles and everything else is under More? I guess they don't want me to read by circle.
* And Interest Graph, goodbye. Now saved searches are hidden under Explore and you can't get to them without crossing the land of What's Hot. In other words, in spite of telling Google+ specifically what I want to see, they insist on hiding it from me and pushing their own recommendations.
The sidebar navigation is very Twitter for Mac like. I think it's headed in a good direction but the content in the center should be stretched to the chat or centered.
Scott S
I haven't got hit with it yet. What stood out to you the most in terms of bad design? Of course I refresh and there it is..... nice chunk of white space to the right....
Certainly better than the old layout. However, it would be nice if it used the space on a wide screen format better.
Leo La-Poor-Me... Did someone stuff John C. Dvorak's Brain in your body... so much complaining and very little information. Will the real Leo please stand up?
LITERALLY jumped, eh? Like we're all entitled to a specific design.
Wish I could -1 this post because I love it. It's clean and a bit more focused;useful as they roll out future modules. I like the Trending section, for example. There's so much room to put stuff. I think you're looking at the tip of the iceberg, Leo, and the future has a lot more in store.
I think it is fine.

Also, this makes sense if the Chrome OS is pushing "Desktop" like looks.
If only apply the drag and drop features from the left-hand side to the black bar at the top...
Love it. Less mouse moves needed for the same effect.
I gotta say I'm a fan of the new layout, apart from the #whitespace issue
Can't agree. I do wish they would fill the white space with something (useful) but I like it. Has an "app" feel vs a Facebook port.
Be careful what you wish for- they could put ads there!
Guess they are taking lessons from facebook just changing the look with no warning.
Agree, don't like it, especially on my 30", it's not a good change!
Aside from the white space, I think it's way better than before.
Gotta say, it seems pretty nice. I am not using it full-screen. I like the way the interface gets out of your way, so the content is more prominent. Bet it looks good on a tablet.
i don't use g+ enough to see what they made better. i can see that i have 2/3 of my screen space wasted.
pretty sure you can't put a lawsuit out on a layout or magazines would be suing each other all over the place.
Look.. we should all just calm down.. hasn't Facebook, MySpace and many others also gone through change from time to time? It has some things I like better and some things I don't. Overall, I think it is a general improvement. The real improvements aren't in the layout but the organization of content and improvements to content. Before this, I didn't even know you could just watch hangouts.. could you even do that before? I like that feature.. I do. And I like the new Profile layout too.
you folks with huge monitors or that have your resolution set so high it looks like you are trying to recreate a "retina" display effect... .LOL. of course you are going to have lots of white space. You gotta remember where things are headed though.. 7" and 10" tablets is where the future of computing is going to be. There won't be much white space on those. I don't think.
Kenneth, what's wrong with high resolution? Is not seeing jaged lines such a bad thing? Also, you don't put expandable white space in the middle of a webpage, you put expandable text regions.
Really? Last post was on the 7th and before that on 27th March, not using your 'home page' much?
For some reason, Google have just completely lost the plot with their UI over the past year or so. Still, it's "free" (approximately), so I guess "you get what you pay for".
I like the basic organization as far what's on the left and what's on the right, but the huge "dead zone" of white space in the middle is distracting.
i rather this not grow i rather they come up with something actualy worth looking at.... so much wasted space
I like it. White space = future ad space
I like the design but I also liked Wave (had no idea the purpose of Wave but I liked it)...anyway the #whitespace thing is sad...they could easily solve that and display content better with the comments on the right.
When they announce the Google Timeline I'm leaving.
I like it.. will like it more when I don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom of a comment feed to comment...
Ron K
I like it
I love it, plus now I can see who of my friends are online thanks to the chat inclusion...imagine they released a social service where you couldn't see when you friends were available.
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