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Brad Cross's customized news startup goes public. Gets better and better the more you use it...
Are you a neuroscientist who loves politics and photography? A coder with a secret passion for design and architecture? Whoever you are, we can build a customized newsfeed just for you.
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Ah yes, a familiar face, +Leo Laporte  - loved Screen Savers! Started using Prismatic earlier this week and as an AVID online reader with hundreds of rss feeds on a dozen or more iGoogle tabs, Prismatic is a far better, and more selective/personalized news feeder! And just love the simple social media sharing features. :)
I've been using this for a while, it's excellent.

I use this, Flipboard, and Google News/Google Currents primarily.  Flipboard is adding Google+ soon, which should be awesome.
How is Prismatic better than Google Reader or other RSS reader?
+Michael Levin For me, it's like Leo said, it get's better the more you use it.  They seem to have a good algorithm to find interesting articles.  I dunno.  The interface is well done, but it's pretty simple.
+Michael Levin  Have used for a while and it is the only thing I've found that rivals Google Reader. Google Reader is meant for "superconsumers", in the sense that you get the full stream of articles and you decide what to read or not. It is great but demands a lot of time and attention. Prismatic goes around the problem by offering you choices about subjects or categories and searching Twitter for the most shared items in that subject. It "learns" to make better suggestions through your shared and favorite items. 

So in that sense it is better than Google Reader, but I cannot say it is a complete replacement. If you need to discover new things outside your usual feeds Prismatic is the ticket
+Michael Levin The most noticeable/practical difference is a much more fine-tuned selection of YOUR interests rather than a simple, serial stream (rss) from a select set of sites/feeds. For instance, new sites and rss feeds can show up every day and if you have not stumbled across them and added the new feed, you could/would miss out on his new content. Since Prismatic is more than a static feed, it harvests NEW content for you based on your content in social media and your reading habits. So far my feed is pretty bang-on with relevant topics/posts which I am interested in reading. Only problem now is it does TO GOOD of a job and I have to much to read! But I can live with that.
Dan C
Wow, this is VERY nice ... But during the setup, I was asking myself "How do I add interests that aren't listed here? Why am I limited to what gets generated from my social media accounts?" It's otherwise very handy.
+Daniel Cox You can, don't worry about it. You have a search feature that you can use to add (mostly) whatever you want. I've done it to personalize my interests even more and except for the fact that it does not accept languages other than english, it is great
Dan C
+Angel Buendia Oh, it's the globe that brings up the search ... Takes a second to find it so I guess my concern is more voiced from thinking of the average "can I do things with this website that I want to? No? Well, attention span is up, next website" sort of net user. You know, the stumbleupon type. :) But knowing how to search for my own interests as WELL as having a list of popular ones.. This is a nice service! Is there an app out yet for Android..?
Well +Terry Henderson that is of course one way to look at it. But truth be told, the ONLY way to completely avoid anyone "spying" on you (basically meaning to track what you do online), is to disconnect your computer from the Internet. Even just simple Google searches are tracked. 

Another way to look at a service like this is that it provides more accurate and relevant information and news for those interested in such things.
Dan C
+Terry Henderson Considering that the only three provided social media hookups are Twitter, G+, and Facebook, what on earth are you doing on Twitter, G+, or Facebook??
Twitter permissions requested by the application seem VERY intrusive: "This application will be able to:
- Read Tweets from your timeline.
- See who you follow, and follow new people.
- Update your profile.
- Post Tweets for you."

No thanks.
+Daniel Cox Not yet, and trust me iIhave been begging the developers for one. An Android App would make Prismatic perfect. I would hardly use anything else on my phone
+James Guilford Was about to say the same thing.  I've never found anything better than Reader anyway.  If you want to look at pictures, maybe, but I just want to get to the content.
Dan C
+Angel Buendia I feel the same way. I bought a tablet primarily to streamline media consumption and have been using Pulse, Kindle (newsstand publications) and Reader to do so. This, however, would make it easy for me to squeeze a lot of my news consumption into one feed, but it'd be better if it were an application. Still, on a 10.1" it's no problem using Chrome..
I have a prismatic account but Leo's link takes me to a signup page and I can't figure out how to get to my own page from there.... is it not possible? I can't imagine they would make me get stuck there... but then again maybe.... In any event they lost another chance to get me actually using my account...
Dan C
There's a login in the top right corner, albeit small.
Thanks for the heads up on this site. It is really good.
I wish you didn't have to link to an existing account. :(
I'm a bit stuck between this and other similar services. I've recently tried for iPhone (which I like a lot), and Percolate but none of them have really hit the spot, so I guess I'll give Prismatic a go and compare.
The control that all these new applications insist on is outrageous.  It's one thing to see who my contacts are to improve the service or follow tweets/comments I post, but to have the power to do just about anything (including posting/tweeting "on my behalf"), come on.  We really need to rise up against this kind of thing somehow.  Leo - lead the way!
+Mark Stein +Leo Laporte +Jeff Jarvis We're not in one of Jeff's privacy panics.  This is considered caution based on the types of access some services require.  It's very difficult (and they know it!) not to give away too much when the return seems worthwhile.
Everything comes at a cost. Too high for me.
+James Guilford +Adam Deem +Adam Deem They need those permissions to let you tweet from within the app. They never tweet for you. They are nice people. The other service APIs (Twitter, etc) you link to Prismatic don't offer "read only" permissions with an ability to let you tweet from Prismatic.
+Petra Cross "They never tweet for you. They are nice people."  The first statement is evidently false.  The second is an index of one's naivete.
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