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+Felicia Day and OMGPop join +Veronica Belmont and +Brian Brushwood tomorrow at 6p Pacific/9p Eastern for Game ON!
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Yep! I'm really addicted to DrawSomething in the iPad.
Please get them to enable notifications for Android!
I have been playing this all day with friends since you guys air'd it.. thanks.. >.> :p
Leo, what happened to the app from Mediafly? It was the best on Android but then it started acting up. I deleted it from my Nexus S and went to download it again in the market, only to find it missing altogether from there. Dogcatcher is ok, but I miss that app!
Jeff Evans - they've had a notice up for the last couple months that Mediafly was moving to enterprise and would no longer be carrying twit. Catch it on YouTube or doggcatcher for now.
Leo, the iPad does multitasking. When an app is running use four fingers to switch to each running app. It is easy. Easy to cut and past.
I really want the new Ipad. I agree what you said about how it changes everything now that you are able to do more than consume content.
sorry this show got the axe. there has to be lower rated shows a twit to shutter. another sad loss
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