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Leo Laporte

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Nice view,
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Leo Laporte

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The Road to Hana is well worth the trip. Especially if the Hana Travaasa Hotel is at the end of it!
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yes, I enjoyed the road to Hana, too, Leo.  Curvy fun!
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Leo Laporte

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Ancient grains and natural leaven give this loaf a unique taste. My first attempt at the Tartine 3 master loaf. 
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que delicia de bolo.
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Leo Laporte

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My baby loves bugs!
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noooooooooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyy
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Leo Laporte

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Sometimes what happens between the shows is funnier than the shows themselves...
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The mother of all cutdowns!
How many times did Apple say GREAT/AWESOME/SUPER in the WWDC 2014 Keynote? Find out with this vid!
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Once again, Leo hating on Apple. So what else is new?
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Leo Laporte

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Yes, I was wrong!

I admit it. I was sure the Apple-Beats rumors were bogus. I just couldn't convince myself that it made any sense for Apple. 

True the deal costs them nothing. With revenues over $1.4B per year Beats sold at a hair over 2x earnings. It was a bargain. (Hmm. Why so cheap?) Apple will get its money back in just a couple of years and after that it's all profit in a very high margin business. But this deal wasn't about money. 

I'm increasingly convinced it was all about Jimmy Iovine. And not just his rolodex or deal making ability, but as front man. Every great rock and roll band has a front man. Apple lost its front man in 2011 and Tim Cook is at best a competent drummer with all the charisma of Phil Collins. 

It seems to me Apple is looking for someone who can electrify the crowd, make the deals, and bring back the cool. I don't know enough about Iovine to know if he's the Man, but I'm betting Cook and company think he is. 

We'll see Monday when Iovine makes his on-stage debut at WWDC. 
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This is Apple trying to connect with young, black males. 
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Leo Laporte

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True relaxation. Aboard the catamaran Kai Kanai bound for Molokini. 
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+Roderic Green Photo details show it was his HTC cell phone.
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Leo Laporte

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We’re having so much fun in Maui that we’re going to stay a few extra days in Hana. Back next weekend for The Tech Guy and TWiT. Aloha!
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You have fun, Leo! I support you in everything you do... The TechTV crew live on !!
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Leo Laporte

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First attempt at the Tartine master loaf. This is a 60% Kamut bread with a unique taste. The natural leaven gives it a nice sour tang. I can imagine the ancient Egyptians eating a very similar loaf.
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60% Kamut makes for a challenge and it looks and sounds like you pulled it off well!
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Leo Laporte

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If you can't get rid of the cockroaches, make friends with them!
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Nope nope nope nope nope
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Leo Laporte

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TNT is the place for daily tech news.
Introducing the new, new Tech News Today!

We've hired four new contributing co-anchors for Tech News Today. Each will co-anchor with me one day per week. Clockwise starting with me: +Mike Elgan, +Jason Howell, +Elise Hu, +Joe Panettieri, +Sarah Silbert, and +Don Reisinger

(Jason and I are on every day. Each of our co-anchors are on once per week. And we've still got one more hire to make.)

Here's where you can subscribe to the new, new Tech News Today:

See you every weekday at 10am Pacific! 

#TechNewsToday   #TNT   #TWiT  
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+Farrid Mailloux Well Farrid, you seem to be the loyal minority still supporting Blackberry. I could be wrong and Blackberry has many more years left in business. But I only see them staying relevant with patents and software. They seem destined to stop making hardware devices.

Again, this is all personal opinion and I don't know how much fighting power Blackberry has left.With the luke warm reception of Blackberry 10 devices last year, I just don't see what hardware advances they could do to stay competitive. 
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You may remember me from such TV shows as CNBC's The Personal Computer Show, MSNBC's The Site, ZDTV's The Screen Savers and Call for Help, and The Lab with Leo on Canada's G4techTV. 

These days I am host and producer of the nationally-syndicated Tech Guy radio show on the Premiere Radio Networks, and I'm founder and Chief TWiT at the TWiT Netcast Network

All my shows are available free on iTunes and stream 24x7 at TWiT Live

PR professionals will find further information on my blog. Visit our advertisers page for advertising info.

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I hold the world's record for longest live-streamed crowd surf. (SXSW Austin 2010)
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