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Tragic for these poor users that get sucked into this without knowing better. #facebook  

Another AOL ...
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I disagree.nAOL was a great on boarding process for those overwhelmed by the internet. That's not you or I, but for many of the common folks, the web in all it's forms is daunting. If they use Facebook as training wheels to get going, good for them.
On second thought I think you might have a point there. The thought that people might equate Facebook with the Internet is just a very painful one for me. It's comparable to convincing people McDonald's is real food. And as we all know in the long run it can be quite bad for your health.

However for a person starving I am sure McDonald's would be better than no food.

Let's just hope we can make more 'healthy' Internet options available once the training wheels come off.
I would use the analogy of learning to swim in a pool vs. the ocean. A pool is a nice, controlled environment when you are still scared of the water, but damn boring once you are skilled. The ocean is much more fun, but I would not start someone in it if they haven't swam before
I guess that is where our opinions differ. I agree on the 'safe & controlled environment' making a start less scary. However there is also the danger of learning the 'wrong' things making it more dangerous going out into the real 'ocean' believing yourself capable of swimming. I am yet to find the ideal 'training pool' for the web.

Facebook as far as I am concerned is a very efficient advertising platform with very low signal-to-noise ratio. I don't believe it's the ideal environment for anybody to learn the skills needed for information discovery and innovation. It has increasingly become a walled garden making it as hard as possible for it's users to leave. They do not have any incentive to teach their users to swim the ocean.

Maybe my view is too pessimistic. I would sincerely prefer your view on this to become the reality. However having been watching Facebook from it's early days (when I was investigating it as a possible app platform) I think their motives are not to teach their users, more to milk their 'product'.

However as history tells us it is just a matter of time when what seems to be Goliath at the time get's defeated by some David.

Remember AOL .... ? ;-) 
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