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Internet Marketer/Website Designer/Father


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Just recently "cut the cord" on cable. One of the things I immediately noticed was that getting an over-the-air antenna wasn't as cut and dry as I thought it would be. Here is what I discovered

So, I'm about to build a gaming computer and have been researching video cards and other things.  One thing I've noticed is that nearly all of the blogs and websites I have been on do a very poor job of putting things into layman's terms, instead opting for benchmark tests and what not.

I would think that someone who could build a website that could make computer parts easier to understand (using layman's terms) would make a killing in that market as an affiliate.

Just saying....

Wanna hear something weird?  The more I get into coding, the less "online" stuff I am doing.  Just finished my first semester of coding and I haven't thought twice about SEO and all the crap that goes with it.

Anyone who is looking for a good tutorial on programming should probably stray away from Udacity.  I have been in school for computer science for about a year now and thought that it would be good to get proficient in Javascript (I'm learning c++ and java in school).

The Udacity course pretty much gives you an intro and then makes some pretty strong assumptions into what someone would know in Javascript(ex.  they do a 2 minute video on arrays and then want you to take an array, slice it up and spit out a new array with an additional slot.....)  

While I was able to do it because I'm familiar with arrays in Java, I couldn't help but wonder how dissuaded I would have been had I took this course first.

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I'm NOT a food nazi but I have to agree with this assessment of the current food pyramid.  The bottom line is that there is collusion between big farm agriculture and the interests of our government when it comes to what we eat.  

The RDA of starchy carbs in particular, could easily be halved  (this is especially important if weight loss is on your mind) and protein should be doubled.

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Falafel with an Israeli cous-cous.  This was a meatless Monday "try" for me and it actually was really good.  The sauce on top of the falafel was a white bean yogurt sauce with a garlic and lemon.

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I have been trying to unravel my food and diet philosophy when it comes to feeding my family.  I recently had a conversation with my dad in regards to organic fruits (and the dirty dozen).  What he told me made more sense, which got me to thinking about organic versus non-organic foods we eat and why.

The biggest problem I see is the fact for any one thing you hear, there is another that states the opposite. 

In spite of it all, I have to say that when given the choice between a banana for breakfast or a bowl of processed wheat flakes, I will take my chances with the banana...

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Looking for something to watch on Netflix?

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Here's a rare "SEO" post (as I've pretty much abandoned technical SEO but find some things interesting still).  Obviously, YOUmoz is not spam nor should be considered outside of the quality guidelines but nonetheless is deemed so by Google.

I could go on and on about cases like this but it seems to me that the best option is to simply ignore these things and look for ways to actually market your business that go beyond SEO (and take whatever organic results you can get otherwise.)

The simple fact of the matter is that the rules change way too often for there to be a legitimate ways stay within them.  It would be like a state that changes it's speed limit signs retrospectively and fines you for things you have done in the past.  Not cool.
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