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Leo has the heart of a his hand....with a fork in it to test if its done yet.
Leo has the heart of a his hand....with a fork in it to test if its done yet.
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We are not in 30s Germany, heck we are not even close to being as über alles as the Germans - nor can I foresee a time when we will ever be. But we are playing brinkmanship with the devil. I highly recommend (re)reading Arendt's Origins of Totalitarianism (which is free here:

The clip below sets a great context.


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Radical empathy
I like most radical things, and radical empathy is no exception. I wonder, though, if this is not preaching to the choir? People I know who are into bridge-building, empathy, heck even compassion, have been doing those things for years (decades even) - the election of one more idiot makes no difference to their work or approach. OTOH, those who are tribalists (of all stripes) will not care to actually minimize conflict anyway. There are two types of tribalists: the weak and the strong. The weak tribalist believes that "We're right, they're wrong" but tends to carry on as if the other group(s) were unimportant - in this category you can put a lot of insular religious groups like the Amish. The strong tribalists are your missionaries - they not only hold The Truth but by Jove they will make sure you convert from your heathen ways. In this group you can put everyone who ever tried to change you forcefully into their point of view, the most extreme of these are cults (like vegans! Jk jk!), but you can also add every politico-economic movement which wants to have everyone accept their policy preferences as the enlightened ones, by force if need be. In the US the teetotalers tried it with the Prohibition, as an example.

What all tribalists get wrong of course is that we are all one tribe, and that there is a perfection in being just who we are as we are, which is lost when you focus on differences for the sake of dividing. 

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There really is something about eating together. Great interview - worth listening (or reading the transcript). Now I am hungry...

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And because I made a promise to be's some "pronoia" for y'all.

N. B. +J. Hancock 

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Idk not sure Bane would've voted for Trump..but then again he might work for Ivanka...

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Really good review...though this is far from the last words...

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And taking about walls...

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30 minutes - totally worth it. 

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Get off my lawn
How do you say that in Latin?

In the theme of history repeats itself, it is nice to note that we have not really evolved an inch in the last 3000 years or so.

Yes our plumbing is better (and indoors in most places) and we can walk and text at the same time, and we can drive horseless chariots and text at the same time, and we can watch television and text at the same time.

But otherwise we remain the same hairless apes we have been for thousands of years - now that's what I call being conservative!

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What? Water? Water. Water! Damn. If this kinda of stuff just doesn't blow your mind I strongly suggest you check in at the local morgue.

And, yes, you cold fusion freaks, there is a disclaimer, because - science: "While Maestro and her team's results will need to be replicated by an independent team before we can start rewriting textbooks to reflect the four (or 3.5?) states of water that could potentially exist, they say their discovery could have big implications for our understanding of both nano and biological systems."

N. B. the very alive +Nicola Smith

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