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Is your CPC / RPM down after New Year?
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yes. and based on posts by others here, i'd say we arent alone.

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Leo B

Roofing Biz  - 
Just added 30 new members - welcome to all! I also cleaned up the "join community" log - mostly spammers or people unrelated to Roofing, which means LESS SPAM in our community! Feel free to post useful info relater to roofing and construction. But please don't spam.

On the side note - my Local Roofers Platform is open for registration, and some of you already signed up. So if you want to get more work and free roof leads - join now:

Feel free to ask me how it works in comment. I will make another video walkthrough and explain all the benefits soon.

#roofing #roofingcontractors
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Happy to help out any home owners on Brisbane Northside.
contact us by our website - Low Cost Roofing or call 07 5495 4091
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Leo B

Roofing Biz  - 
Election Day Roofing Prices Update
Just a reminder - here is how roof prices will (likely) change in US whether Hillary or Donald is elected:

#roofing   #election2016   #clinton   #trump
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I might add wage increase and demand can have an effect as well. Hurricanes can majorly effect cost as we are experiencing now from Matthew. It creates a demand which then cause manufactures to employ their people in overtime or hire more to keep up with the sucking sound coming from volusia and flagler counties. Good post though.
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Leo B

Roofing Business/SEO  - 
Get roof leads for free, in your email - sign up today, before your competitors do :)
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Leo B

Roofing Biz  - 
Interesting read about class action against GAF Timberline shingles
In the residential roofing market, for many years GAF has been holding the top spot as the “Largest Roofing Shingle Manufacturer in North America”. Its top selling product, Timberline Shingles, has been installed on millions of homes across the US. These shingles have been touted by GAF as “the # 1 selling shingle in North America”, “the heaviest and longest-lasting fiberglass asphalt shingle in the Timberline series” offering “superior strengt...
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Seasoned Roofers with Discipline are a rare commodity. They speak from experience, aren't afraid to Roll their sleeves up and get dirty, and know what works for them.

+Leo B​ I get it, and personally feel that metal Roofing is the most disciplined trade in Roofing. When the cut sheet is turned in and while the job is production to me it's like watching the symphony, quite the experience. When it's over the drop will speak for itself. All the best metal Roofers I have ever met stayed in their lane, and stay in demand. Kudos to your success.

I've seen Class Action suits against Roofing Companies and I can cite the case law as a result of; however I cannot sight any suit ever brought against a reputable company like +GAF Roofing​ that has or does not have merit that in the end or along the way whatever the outcome (unless against Tremco or Garland, neither of whom I associate with reputability) / is no where to be found. Check Lexis / Nexus. Let me know if you can find one ruling on record against +GAF Roofing​ as I cannot.

If you believe in a product there is no Gray Area. Sure salesman will come with hype and sway many. I can attest that I have removed GAF Shingles that saw their full life.
I recently replaced a 28 year old GAF Roof that when it was installed it was a 25 Year Architectural / Dimensional Shingle from Elk.
I was a Mountaineer before GAF bought Elk. Between the Accelerated weathering Approvals that only GAF has and the GAF Roofs / Complexes that are all over 500 Squares that I installed since GAF bought Elk some going on 10 years in the Houston Humid Heat without algae or discoloration I will put up against any Shingle that has the same time on the roof.
In sum "I believe in GAF". No reason to twist things.
All sales are a 3 Step Process in essence.
Step 1: Credibility
Step 2: Value
Step 3: Payment / Terms
Attorneys are like Hunters and Poachers at the same time, the bigger the game the more likely they are to poach.
They are also masters of equivocation; however until I see it with my own eyes or a trusted Brethren Roofer tells me he saw it I will keep trusting the brands that have proven themselves over time.
There will always be some sour claim, their will always be some sales rep with "The Secret Sauce" in their opinion.
Real Roofers represent what they believe from experience, not the latest rumor or story they heard. Enough said.........
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Leo B

Discussion  - 
$59 Smartphone - BLU R1 HD - Unlocked T-mo LTE dual sim phone

This is the Prime edition ( 2GB/16GB version with $50 Amazon Prime discount) and has Amazon ads.

There is now root, so its easy to remove AMZ crap and u have a nice little phone for under $60 that works great on T-Mobile -

I get 30Mbps down and 9 mbps up LTE speed on T-mo in the woods!
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Leo B

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White House 50% Off Sale
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Leo B

Roofing Biz  - 
Get free roof leads for life
Hey guys, for the past year I've been working with our dev team to make the ultimate local roofers platform that will help any roofer find more work and get free leads. Sign up now

#roofing   #roofingcontractor   #roofestimate  #roofingleads
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Leo B
+Michael Slattery thanks for signing up. you don't need to put a badge on your site.

In fact i ask you to not reciprocate. this is not a link exchange scheme..

there is a way for clients to find your listing, once the directory goes fully live ...

About the badge - it is still in dev stage, and will be much more than just a badge once fully developed, but for now, don't put it on your site.
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Leo B

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Roofers - sign-up now to get Free Roof Leads for life:
Get Free Roofing Leads for Life Hey guys and gals, so this has been a year in the making, but now its live. Introducing Local Roofers Directory -

Watch the video of what's coming your way Sign up now to get free local roof leads - they will ALWAYS stay free!

This is a platform for us roofers to take our industry back from lead gen companies how flood the internet with B/S roof prices just to lure homeowners in, and the sell each lead 4-8 times for $50-70 a pop (OMFG)

The way this platform works - when homeowner is in your Area and they find you, and fill out the estimate form - you get lead in the email.

Once again - we'll never sell you leads - they will always be free.

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Leo B

Plumbing DIY  - 
Regular Testing Pressure Relief Valve on Hot Water Heater is very important
Here is how to test the valve in 3-5 minutes:
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Leo B

Shared publicly  - 
Do you live in a tiny apartment? You’re looking to create more space, but have no ideas? When square footage is tights, you’ve got to use your imagination to create functional living sp…
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I'm Leo, and I work at since 2006. Cool Flat Roof is a Massachusetts based Flat Roofing Contractor, specializing in IB PVC flat roofing systems, as well as Metal Roof Installation.

We service all of MA, CT and RI. Call me at 617-444-9020, if you have any flat roof related questions, or need a free roof estimate.

I'am a roofer by trade, and a geek with CS background at heart.

I also created a website where homeowners can estimate roof replacement cost, based on roof size and other roof details, as well as Roofing Calculator Pro mobile app for contractors.

In my free time, i'm an Environmental blogger, and am interested in Renewable Energy Resources and Green Building Technology. You can see some of my "green" and environmental articles on my blog -

Things I enjoy doing include snowboarding, skating, riding a bike, ballroom dancing, etc.

I'm a father of a beautiful 2 yr. old girl, and enjoy the parenting very much! 
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