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The Trail of My Wikipedia Reading Today
Being in Florence, Italy has led me on a trail of hours of reading while Eva & the kids slept:

Leonardo da Vinci -> Michelangelo -> the Medici -> Italian Renaissance -> Dante -> Guelphs and Ghibellines -> Holy Roman Emperor -> Charlemagne -> Franks -> Lombards -> Germanic peoples -> Proto-Germanic -> Proto-Indo-European

That's just the main line, of course. Side lines have included the Second Council of Nicaea, Vatican I and Vatican II, Protestant Reformation, Concordat of Worms and more.

Lesson: Wikipedia in general, and Leonardo in particular, can be dangerous.
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Have you noticed that if you keep clicking first links in Wiki articles (that are not in parentheses) you always end up in 'Philosophy'?
+Hans Steup You can read everything you want in Italy, there's no restriction, and you'd better read something instead of watching that crappy European Championship.
I end up on languages and communication history a fair bit myself, although I've been down a rabbit hole of writing lately rather than surfing Wikipedia. But when I find unstructured time, I try to make it educational!
The wikitrain is fun! You just have to make sure to get off before you end up too far!
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