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New on Zen Habits: The 7-Step Write a Book Fast Program. Have your own tips? Share below!
Post written by Leo Babauta. I'm often asked about writing (something I've done professionally for 22 years), and one of the most common things people want help with is writing a book. I've written a ...
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Do these 3 days include reviews/revisions? That is, do you work the final version on the go or do a final fine-tune?
No, the 3 days is pure writing, then I take about a day for revisions, and will usually hire an outside editor and then a designer.
I can easily see myself applying the same (or very close) principles to software development. Great post Leo.
Yeah, thanks Leo. This is inspiring!
Thanks Leo, it's a very encouraging message.
Yay! I want to write a book so badly! Passive income is my goal! lol
As always Leo, very useful information. 
I so enjoy the clarity, precision, and brevity of how you write
Leo, thank you for your inspiring posts. I often feel you have a wire into my brain that seems to electrify my fears and dreams!

On another note, it would be great if you did a 3, 5, or 7 day crowd writing event (like NaNoWriMo but much more condensed). There is nothing like group energy to push you past your inhibitions! Let me know if you ever do anything like this.

Also, I am curious exactly how many hours in the day you write when you push yourself like this?
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