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New on Zen Habits: The 39th Lesson.
Post written by Leo Babauta. Today (April 30) is my 39th Un-un-birthday, and as usual, the day is a good day to pause and reflect. Last year I wrote 38 Life Lessons I've Learned in 38 Years, and p...
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Happy Birthday Leo :) I am trying to be a minimalist in life and I have lots to learn from you. Cheers
Happy Birthday +Leo Babauta - and thank you. This was a message that I needed to receive today :)
Eric Z
Herzlichen Glückwünsch zum Geburtstag!
Happy Birthday and thank you for all your works - your blog is both inspiring and calming! ~
Thank you again, Leo, and happy whatever-you-call-today.
Happy birthday Leo. As I told ya via email, Angel and I recently read your 38 lessons from last year. The 39th is a wise supplement. Your passionate insight continues to inspire our writing as well. :)
Congratulations on another successful revolution around the sun! Thank you for all the gifts!
and thank you my friend, for your insight and wisdom :)
"think not about what you’re missing, but what you’ve been given." :)
Your article Leo is how i feel and how I think. I have everything, I am missing nothing. It's a great feeling and maybe the one ore other article of you have inspired me a litte bit besides other things to feel and think that way. Thanks for your writing and Happy celebration of a year full of Un-Birthdays :-)
I wanted to say so much about how deep this post has touched me. But I'm left with this. Thank you, Leo. For all that you are and have been. And for the smile you leave me with today.
Have a most blessed 39th non-un-Birthday and year =)
Happy Birthday, Leo! Thanks for the inspiration you regularly keep sparkling out. 
Go Leo! It's ya birfday!
Happy Birthday Leo! Thanks for your thoughts, always great.
I live minimalistic (most of the time) and I travel longtime minimalistic with kids. Yes it's the best to live in the moment.
Thank you for the kind wishes everyone!
This is great. Thank you so much for sharing! Happy non-un-belated-birthday to you!
Leo you've changed my life.thank you
Leo, I love this post too. Love your calm, thoughtful sharing style. I forwarded this to friends, and I almost never forward articles! Thank you!
+Leo Babauta Leo, I don't see a share button at the bottom of this post or other posts of late. Is that intentional?
+Sandra Pawula Yes, I have removed sharing buttons from Zen Habits. I believe people know how to share without my encouragement, if they'd like to do so. Most people would rather read without the distractions of buttons, pop-ups, ads and so forth.
That's really radical! I admire your wish to create a non-distracted environment for your readers. It's true, I often just copy a link and put it in FB or Google so it's not that difficult! But it does take a bit more effort in one sense, especially if you have to shorten the link for twitter. You've given me something to think about!
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