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Two questions about Thor's hammer
1. Can Superman lift it or break it?
2. Can a Jedi's lightsaber cut through it?
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In JLA/Avengers Superman was able to lift it.
I think it would fare better against a lightsaber.
1) On strength, lifting, no.  But he's so pure/good/worthy the enchantment would probably let him. Destroy, no.  

2) No way. 
I'm with David on this one. Mjolnir's enchantment would allow for Superman to lift it, based on his worthiness. A Jedi might be able to wield the hammer, but would not be able to damage it. Very well established in Norse mythology as well as Marvel comics that only the forges of the dwarves, where the hammer was made, could even alter its form, much less destroy it.
1. Yes.
2. Certainly. Jedi's lightsaber literally reshapes matter with the force :)

Great questions.
Max Min
Can superman break a lightsaber then?
I gotta go with what other said, he could indeed wield it, but no one can destroy it except the forges where it was created.
Like Sauron's ring... coincidence. I think not.
The Hulk has the potential to be stronger than Superman but it isn't an issue of strength. Only if Mjölnir deems Kal El worthy can he lift it because of the mystical enchantment. And, BTW, Superman is weak against magic.

If Wolverine's Adamantium claws can't cut Thor's hammer, neither can a Jedi's saber.
Why do I now feel as if I am on an episode of The Big Bang Theory?
1. No, Only the hammers rightful owner can lift it.
2. No way.
1.Actually Magneto took control of the hammer a few times. Lifted it I think (been a while). Superman should be able to lift it.
2.Sure why not.
3.Better yet...could the xenomorph from aliens chest bust thor?
But can a light saber cut through superman?
I am going to say that yes, a lightsaber could cut Superman. Superman gets his abilities from our sun, and Star Wars is in a galaxy far far away, so if he was there, he would not be a super man. Therefore some, badass Sith Lord would be only to happy to slice Superman up with his scary red lightsaber. Not sure about superman using Thor's hammer though.
Fair enough - what if the Jedi was here on earth and superman was here on earth and the sun was out and shining on them both?
It would be a great fight! But then a Jedi would need to be a dark Jedi to attack Superman. Back on topic, a lightsaber can not cut through the materials Cortosis or Mandalorian Iron, so if they are in Thor's hammer, it would not be cut.
1. In a crossover Diana managed to not only lift it but get extra powers from the Mjolnir, making me believe Kal-El is also able to use it.
2. I bet 100 to 1 that not. In a comic the Avengers and many other heroes decided to destroy the whole dying Earth in order to destroy Galactus. Nothing remained but dust and the Mjolnir floating in the space... and Dr. Doom, but he traveled back in time, so not counting.
+Robin Jardine You're right but different suns affect Superman differently. It is Earth's yellow sun that gives Kal El his powers. Tatooine has twin suns, Tatoo I and Tatoo II. Who knows what effect they would have for a Kryptonian.
Well, Superman gets his powers from the sun's light. Lightsabers are light weapons, so could a lightsaber actually strengthen superman?
+daniela morescalchi not by force, even the Hulk has problems lifting it, it requires for some condition on the person going to lift it... well Superman is paladinesque enough xD
but... i wonder... what would happen if Shazam grabs the Mjolnir (Thor's hammer)!!!
A typical Jedi would have no chance against Superman, assuming that Superman is intelligent enough to use his super speed and just tear the Jedi to pieces in less than a second.

Yet we don't often see Superman do that. :-)
just a freezing blow or a heat vision blast would suffice... xD
But the Jedi would sense what he was going to do before he moved. And Superman is susceptible to mind control. I vote for the Jedi.
By the time the Jedi's brain processes the Force senses, Superman is already punching them.

How is Superman susceptible to mind control? Jedi can only control weaker minds.
Last time I checked Superman wasn't a genius. He was a product of Kansas public education. The Jedi probably had him figured out before he left Krypton in his diapers. 
No superman cannot do anything with thor's hammer neither could a jedi lightsaber.  
I don't think Thor's hammer exists
but if it did, I would have to see if I could lift it myself
I've never met superman, so don't know what he's like
and I still haven't been able to invent a reliable lightsaber yet
but I ponder making it better
Kari H
Tors hammer is also called Mjølner, it always came back to Tor`s hands when he trowed it, ant it always hit what he pointed at. This is according the old Norwegian saga. Tor was the next most powerful god after Odin.
+Victor Vosen the question was inside the world of fantasy, so it should be answered in that context, don't kill the magic for the rest of us, thanks
no and no. read up on your thor facts, like the helpful person above. nobody but ppl who r worthy can lift it, and dude its a mythological hammer nothin can break it
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