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New on Zen Habits: Where in the World Do I Start?
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Nice post. Just when I needed. 

On a different, I recall few months ago you said you started reading War and Peace. Have you finished reading? In that case, have you written any review or your opinion on that book anywhere?
This really helped me finally decide what to do with all of the things I want to start doing! 
A few months ago.  I couldn't decide what do first.  I got tired of waiting and just picked establishing a daily self hypnosis session.  I'm glad I chose that one first because like you mentioned in your post this mindfulness practice  laid a foundation that makes establishing other habits much easier.   When ever I'm starting a new habit I use the daily hypnosis to ingrain the new habit more deeply into my mind.  
Hey, thanks so much for all you do. I found you a while back but now, writing for Pure Xahir, many blogs I'm exploring for review reference you. Great stuff!
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