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on mnmlist: as happy as possible
I believe I'm as happy as it is possible to be. I'm not crying out in ecstatic pleasure, or streaming tears of joy, but I am very happy. It's not a peak of happiness, but a plateau of happ...
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I am genuinely happy to see you're happy too, Leo. :)

We are very fortunate. Every day I think about my blessings in life.
#3. Meaningful work. I never thought about it but yes, if it's meaningful to us then it makes us happy. We usually think of work as something we don't want to do. But if it has meaning for us, then it's work we want to do.
+Brandon Dean I think you're right -- we can always be even happier than we are now. But ironically, if we focus too much on that, it only leads us to being less happy NOW. Does that make sense? Would you agree?

So, I think the best course of action is just to focus on today, focus on our current way of being and happiness. The future will naturally take care of itself.
+Leo Babauta, great post. Would love to share your blog on my Pinterest, but you can't pin pages without any graphics or videos. Something to consider, maybe post a picture or photo with your posts, so that we can pin?
Aptly timed Leo, thought about happiness yesterday and I see you have a great post on the topic. Thanks :).
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