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New on mnmlist: the minimalism of not knowing.
Post written by Leo Babauta. These days, nearly everything we want to know is a few keystrokes away, almost instantly gratifying our desire to know something. What's the weather like outside? Do a qui...
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+Leo Babauta - I think this might be the first post of yours that I have struggled with. Does this suggest "Ignorance is Bliss?" 

Or perhaps I have become a knowledge junkie? 
+Leo Babauta, do you ever find yourself forgetting what it was you wanted know after you've let the urge pass and finally sit in front of the computer again?
I find myself pausing more now that I have an eleven-week old at home. When I have her in my arms and she's falling asleep, something will often pop into my head. I could just reach into my pocket for my smartphone, but I've reminded myself I'm attending to something more important. Some things can wait.
I've also found that the "need to know" comes from "feeling less" if we don't know something--less cultured, less interesting, less important, etc. Of course, that's not true but society seems to push us "to want to know" so that we become better, smarter, etc. I feel like there are deeper issues involved with our need to know. 
Good article. During the last years I more and more appreciated of having almost every information just a few clicks/taps away. Starting internet investigations on interesting stuff can be very nerv-wrecking for  colleagues, friends, family and so on. And it consumes my time, my attention and such. Often it is not necessary. I will try to overcome the temptation in the future … at least from time to time. If I do, then hopefully more intentional and not just knee-jerk. Thanks for that food for thought.
Limiting incoming (non-essential) information has been one of my favorite self-care concepts.  I started trying to practice it about six months ago, and it is far more freeing than I had expected.  To quote the original Sherlock Holmes, "What is that to me?  You say the earth goes 'round the sun, but if we went 'round the moon it would make not a pennyworth of difference to me or my work."
great thinking!  i have found myself wanting to know something badly when I'm not in front of my computer!  weird feeling.
Maybe the subject is related to "selective ignorance". I like do not know some things. =)
Totally understand what you's just soo easy these days, that it almost becomes necessary to put effort into just "being" the way we already are..."not knowing"/"wondering"...  The wonder of wondering is sometimes pretty...well, wonderful... :)
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