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FROM RUMORS TO REALITY! Max performance, pro camera--we just unveiled this beast of a phone. (Video
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Is this finally a smartphone I could buy in Germany, or are you once again just targeting southeast Asia or whatever? (Not that your past smartphones would have been worth buying, but well...)
+Lenovo When you guys own +Motorola Mobility , please create a sub- brand like the did with the Milestone and get these devices into the western markets. And please do not ruin the quality and momentum that they have built with the Moto X, G, and E.
Aidin A
Please release same specs but in a 4.3 to 4.5 inch screen, this is to big, a mini version like sony z1 compact 
This is amazing. Please release to resellers in China so I can import to the UK :P
Looks aggressive likely
So it runs KitKat? I bet the battery performance sucks just like your latest KitKat updates on P780.
Vibes z2 pro have 4000 MAH. Battery it's enough to can drive for whole day with-out totally drain of battery. The flagship phablet phone.... 
+Danilo Omas So does P780. It used to last 2 to 3 days. Used to.
P780 little small screen only 5 inches the consuming of battery is not faster discharges one or two days the battery still alive.. But vibes z2 pro. 6 inches display screen little bit more consume of battery but in 4000 mah it's enough to can drive more whole day.. With-out recharging the battery.
KitKat is fine, additional apps however cause added drain.
I don't believe the upgrading of KitKat 4.4.2 it causing of faster discharging of battery. Because i have lenovo S930. One week ago i have already upgrade with KitKat. But the battery energy still the same before i can used more one day with-out total drain the battery.even my phone is continuous using whole day with in my job.
The vibes z2 pro have card slot for external memory..with dual sim..
but still has the awkward position for the back and options buttons 
Is this +Lenovo, your response to sony's new Xperia Z2? Or Asus' new phone that they made? The Memo Pad I think.
This is a perfect phone...big screen (with great resolution),biggest battery,great camera,i think combination between windows and android.,methal body,very thin and very thin bezels...i cannot buy other phone...this is perfect
the best thing you can do is release it worldwide...cause it is a bit hard to achieve in europe :(
Leo B
PLEASE MAKE THIS WITH USA FREQUENCY SUPPORT. I need a high end dual sim phone... The blu phones suck. Please please please +lenovo
Leo B
PLEASE MAKE THIS WITH USA FREQUENCY SUPPORT. I need a high end dual sim phone... The blu phones suck. Please please please +lenovo
Great, but it's not available in the US.
Bring to the US!  WOuld go nice with my Yoga 2 pro!
Please Release in Germany too :))))))))))))))))
Hope with a reasonable price at retail in China I will take it 
+Leo B I agree with you!!! I did notice the bands supported will work with our gsm providers
So when will we see a combo Motorola and Lenovo phone?  This is probably the only thing I am really excited about when it comes to smartphones in the US
I'm satisfied with my Lenovo S930 Kit Kat 4.4, I can able to connect everywhere. Also its office applications are compatible to ms office 2013.
Glad to hear you're all excited guys! We'll be releasing more information soon - the exact release dates, price and market availability. Watch this space!
+Lenovo It seems you have totally copied the camera UI of Lumia series phone from Nokia (Microsoft). Shame on YOU!
Right from April 2014 it is being launched. On Aug 15th I expected anxiously but the same has postponed to September. Technology & specification may be fine but this will get a reputation bad like One plus one. Let us have the final launch date. Dont keep posting for months
This looks like exactly the sort of hardware I'd like, assuming that Cyanogenmod support could be had. 
+Lenovo Can you please confirm whether this Vibe Z2 Pro is USB On-The-Go capable/supported? Since it's Snapdragon 801 and non-expandable external memory.. Thanks
Looks awesome, specs are awesome display is huge but that's good, is it smaller than Z2? It looks like with thise slim bezzels 😁 Good Job Lenovo 
Is Expected To See From Company Like Lenovo To Push A Flagship Smartphone To Compete With Other Competitors, Specially After The Acquisition Of Motorola, That Enables Lenovo To Enter US Big Smartphones Market
+Lenovo i have some inquiry.. The parts replacement of s920/s930. There's available in service center specially in middle east ksa. If don't have available were can buy the user. If there's defects the parts.. Because i have 930. There's little problem in battery recharge micro usb. Can you advice us were i can buy that parts. for replacement.
I love my Lenovo S920. But this one is gotta be more good. Definetely want it. Badly.
Mine is even better now it has upgraded to android 4.4.2
Wowww.. thats will be the killer of smartphones on 2014 market... I am trying to find out where can i Pre-Order in South Africa... But unsuccessful They don't sell smartphones, thats is sadness... 
When can we expect this nice phone in Europe, or can we order it in China with an european Android Play Store.
Lenovo officials, Could you please advise expected availability of the phone in India?
What bands will this support? Interested in USA bands, predominantly T-Mobile.
Thats what i call a phone..nice job to all Lenovo team
This is  absolutely awesome..You've done a great job Lenovo.. 
a partir de cuando stara disponible en venezuela ??????????? LO QUIEROOOO
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