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Are you a ThinkPad or a Yoga? (Photo: JanLeonardo)
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ThinkPad with Ubuntu
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How does ThinkPad continue its legendary design, quality, and innovation? What challenges does the ThinkPad development team encounter when building thinner and lighter systems? Get the answers to these questions and more directly from the individuals responsible for designing the next generation ThinkPads. 

Hear from the product managers responsible for your favorite T, W and X series ThinkPads, joined by team members from Japan's Yamato Development Labs. 

We'd like to hear from you! Use the Q&A function to direct your questions to the panel. 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Lenovo. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
The ThinkPad Development Story: How a Notebook is Born
Tue, April 21, 8:00 AM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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We had a little get-together in Raleigh yesterday. Insane energy as thousands of Lenovians gathered for an annual kickoff. What do you expect/want from us in the coming year? #iamlenovo #lenovo #youtalkwelisten  
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Thanks everyone for your feedback, keep them coming! 
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Some of you have requested for a challenge, so we’ve up the game a little. What is Sammy about to do here?
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+Kaushal Singh Gaharwar Have you tried reinstalling Operating System? Not Windows XP - it is too old. Make a clean installation of Windows 7, or Linux (Ubuntu), or both. Then your computer should be fast again! ;-)
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THE MEANING OF RUGGED: Why Some Laptops Last & Others Don’t
Some laptops are more rugged than others, for many good reasons. If you want a laptop that will last and save you money, read on to learn why some laptops are much more durable than others
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Mr Gaharwar, could you provide a few more specifics with regards to your problem. You say your machine hangs and is slow. Does it hang at boot? Is it slow to access files or switch between tasks? Does it hang randomly during normal operation? As to the issue, I'd guess it's a software problem. Do you run an effective anti-virus program? These issues could be related to a virus. Did it start having problems after a recent software install or update? If you can provide more specifics, we may be able to help you out. 
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READING, YOGA 3 PRO STYLE. But, ah, how many books can we fit in that thing? (Learn more:
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+ali semi Hi Ali, you can try contacting our distributor, International Agencies Company Ltd. More information can be found here:
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Have them in circles
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This was the ORIGINAL computer. We've come pretty far, haven't we?
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When I saw this I immediately thought of the cartoon "computer.don." Look it up. ;)
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It seems like Google has something up their sleeves, with a few hidden tricks in hangouts. Andddd … there goes a productive work day.
Chatting is about to become way more fun.
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+pandi sparks Hi, have you tried contacting your country's Support?
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Did I see WHAT? #DontBlink #VibeShot (More:
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Poi soldradha numbramari solunga. 
 ·  Translate
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Turning Emerging #Tech Into Breakthrough #Innovation: view from CTO Peter Hortensius
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+Lenovo where can I buy that in the US?
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THE JOURNEY IS only just beginning. Introducing Lenovo Tech World: Beijing, May 28 2015. Details:
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I am Kaushal kumar Singh from Noida (UP), India my contact No. +918800741018 & complain No. is 8004806513 (8004554703 & 8004665018). 
I have purchased my Lenovo Think Pad Edge Series E431 Laptop on 27th May 2014. From last 3 months, my laptop is being hang and its performance is too slow. I have complained about this situation in Lenovo service center but still I have no better solution.
Many times i complained in Lenovo customer care and your executive checked my system several time but they were not able to provide a proper solution of my problem. first they told me that its a Hard disk issue they changed it, but problem remain same , after that they said its a RAM issue, so they changed my RAM (upgrade from 2GB RAM to 4GB RAM), now got no result, but now they are saying to use me windows XP , so i want to ask you that its a solution.? 
please reply me asap.
Really Sir now fed up with lenovo service , so i request you to please resolve my problem as soon as possible.
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WE JUST WON a record 10 Red Dot Awards for product design. While we high-five our product teams, tell us which design is your favorite?
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+Lenovo:  Survey completed.  The bottom line was that I kept borrowing my wife's X220 and found its build quality, keyboard, trackpad, and discrete buttons consistently superior to those on the T540p, which felt like a cheap compromise by comparison.  The older ThinkPads fit my work habits better than the current generation.  They feel and function like production workhorses, and that's worth paying a premium to get.
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