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ARE YOU ATTACKING every day with everything you have? #ForThoseWhoDo
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Lenovo wanted to charge me $ 484 to repair my Thinkpad twist, I did not take it to Lenovo service, but a local operator and he fixed the power supply for $ 80, so I saved $ 404 Dollars, thank you for - NOTHING! Lenovo
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UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION. Art break! Download this photo, add your own artistic flourish and then post your #photoresponse here. Go on, draw like a kid. #DoChallenge
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No. Not until you make and sell a phone like the K900 in the U.S.
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PUSH YOUR LIMITS. Take the plunge.
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I DID NOT take it to Lenovo service, but a local operator and he fixed the power supply for $ 80, so I saved $ 404 Dollars, thank you for - NOTHING! Lenovo
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GET CHARGED UP. Entrepreneur Harry found his inspiration when he saw great potential in multi-touch technology. What one thing sparked your passion?
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..dont like Touchscreens..
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MYSTERY PHOTO: It's been called "The Everything Device." What is it? (Big hint here
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I did not take it to Lenovo service, but a local operator and he fixed the power supply for $ 80, so I saved $ 404 Dollars, thank you for - NOTHING! Lenovo
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CONFESS NOW: Exactly how much do you talk on the phone every day, and how long do you spend with your nose buried in it?
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+Randy Hartono thanks for the info..
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FILL IN THE BLANKS: ThinkPad X1 Carbon looks like a _________ and you can charge the battery from 0 to __ % in under an hour!" (Learn more:
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Different flavored ice cream bars. Charges the batteries through burned calories!
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THE ANCIENT PYRAMIDS as seen up close. (Photo: thanks to Doc in Germany)
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WHERE VIDEOS COME FROM: Loved this photo from our very own video production whiz Joe--send us a #photoresponse with your setup.
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Tablet and laptop at eye level
Follow only the current trend.
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THE PHABULOUS PHABLET. That's what they call it. (Phind out more: #MyVibe

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I am using this vibe z and it' s already available in Malaysia.the function is magnificient! Super fast! Super clear vision, features are awesome! Never regret to buy this one!10/10 in scale.
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