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I was nominated as a local person to follow on Twitter in the Daily Oklahoman. It's kind of silly but really cool to be in the same category has +Daniel Gordon James "Fear the Beard" Harden and +Kevin Durant! #ThunderUp
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I can't believe I was snubbed again! ;-)
You should be in that category. I remember back in the day when I was learning how to Twitter. I think I only followed you, +Daniel Gordon and +Chad Henderson. You guys taught me how to Twitter!
LOL. they must've made a mistake putting me on there
+Chad Henderson was, is and will always be my HERO. One of the very first people that reached out to me on Twitter. Back in Tha Day
I'd vote for you as long as you didn't come near my TLO "Most Annoying Twitterer" title. I will defend that to the death. 
+Patrick Allmond I so want to be on that list one day.I am sure I am one more shameless self promoting tweet away. I will be the 9th member. I swear it!
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