So, FESCO's stone age fraction won, Fedora will install sendmail for another twenty releases as default. My feature to remove it from default failed, and what's particularly sad is that the deciding vote that caused it to fail was actually by the other person behind the feature, who didn't bother saying anything until the final vote where he simply didn't support it anymore. What a disappointment, both personally and technically.

I'd really like those three days of my life back that I spent on this idiotic fedora-devel flamefest last week.

If FESCO decides that Fedora's home is the stone age, then that's fine, I don't think I have to care anymore.  They should really drop the "F" for "First" though from their 4-F motto, it's a blunt lie. Fedora is seldom first on anything non-trivial, anymore. It is just another conservative distribution. Sendmail is just the pinnacle of it. I mean, really? sendmail???

I have fought more than enough fights on fedora-devel, I had some successes with my own stuff, but it's a pity how many missed other opportunities there are. The fact that Fedora doesn't actively participate in technologies like btrfs is just disappointing.

There were previous attempts to get Sendmail out of the default install. They all failed. Mine too. Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks that 19 releases with Sendmail in the default are a tragicomedy, that needs to end. It's now a never-ending tragicomedy.

I for one am through with trying to change Fedora. I'll leave Fedora to the stone-age fraction. Thankfully there are always options to work around FESCO, And that's what I will focus on now.

Fedora certainly is the slowest booting distribution of all because of all the redundancy and cruft it ships. There's dire need of some champion to clean that up, reduce what is in the default boot. But that's not going to be me. My own machines do boot in < 4s including BIOS now, it was a nice dream to make a mainstream distro boot in similar times by default. I guess that dream is dead.

And now, I am going back to doing something useful. Like hacking.
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