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Our Red Hat Summit talk about systemd in RHEL 7 is now available online. It's a pretty good introduction into what's coming for administrators. (Unfortunately you need to create a Red Hat user ID for that, which is beyond my control.)
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There's things beyound your control?
"Subscriber content preview. A subscription is required for full access to the Red Hat Knowledgebase." So you need much more than just an account.
Oh, humm, I wasn't aware of that. I figure having an email address gives me special privileges or so. I really wished they'd make this available for everybody without restrictions...
+Lennart Poettering please check if you can make it available somewhere else, it's cough open source cough at the end of the day :)
This would have been great to see, unfortunately I won't pay for a Redhat Subscription just to watch it :(
While I'm sure I could poke someone through various work contacts, it would be very nice if you could work some magic and find a way to share this publicly!
Adam D
You can register for an Access account with a non e-mail. I have one associated to both my work and GMail e-mails. Signup should be free and doesn't require an active subscription as far as I can tell.

The source for the page lists the MP4 @ [This is where I had the URL, but the video is listed as Customer Portal Exclusive, so I've removed it. Sorry.] which doesn't appear to require an account. I would assume they want the metrics.
there are some videos on itunes as well
learned it from one of the speakers

i thought redhat is so opensource that they don't support closed source (mostly) companies ;-)
"Customer Portal Exclusive - Not for Distribution" says the video at the end... it probably should have said that at the beginning so I would have stopped watching... ;) Nice to to hear questions from people outside of the bubble asking sensible questions and being happy with the responses, rather than from trolls with minds already made up. Great validation of all the work you guys have put in over the last few years.
Adam D
+Colin Guthrie Ah, I didn't see that part; I've updated my post and removed the direct link to the video.
что тут обсуждать!?systemd не место в RHEL 7
Seems like more trolls according to Google translate... But he's right when he says there is nothing to discuss... the decisions have already been made and I for one am very much looking forward to getting systemd on to the RHEL and CentOS systems I look after.
Evidently you also have to have a subscription of some sort. :(
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