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The ArchLinux folks are fantastic. I wished Fedora would try harder to abide by the the "Features. First." bit in its motto a bit more, because otherwise Fedora should soon find a new motto: "Freedom. Friends. Features. Second."

Anyway, congratulations to the ArchLinux folks. Their upstream work is fantastic. We love you guys!
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ConsoleKit? What's that? Why would one add that to a distro? ;=)
That's like putting binaries in /bin
Every time I use Arch Linux ,am felt that it so sexy and wonderful to my ya Arch Linux...kudos to ArchLinux fellows..and I've been using it from long time...
laugh And I just grabbed polkit 0.107-4 from testing a few hours ago to get rid of consolekit by myself ^^
Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place, but as far as I can see they didn't patch xfce4-session (There is a pending patch upstream, but not yet finalized). So, Xfce arch users won't get to shutdown or reboot or the like from their sessions. Happy to be proven wrong, but it seems premature to me. 
Polkit, consolekit, policykit - all the "kits" are evil, never liked it
I actually switched from Gentoo to Arch Linux because of their decisions regarding systemd (and because compiling everything can be quite annoying :-) )
+Christoph Brill: But I'm using +systemd on +Gentoo for a long time (from around 2x or 3x) so it should not be a problem (you can get rid of consolekit as well).

Of course depending on speed of your computer (CPU, memory, disk, ...) compiling everything may be annoying and +Arch Linux is not bad system so I am not saying that it was wrong choice.
"Freedom. Friends. Features. Second." I love it :-D
+Maciej Piechotka: I was using systemd on Gentoo as well (even when the first overlay was available). It works pretty flawless there and I even removed openrc.
But from my personal experience core developers tend to ignore bugs that might be related to systemd or just push them to the systemd herd (which basically only consists of Michał Górny).

Also sadly the Gentoo project (or counsil?) has no clear statement regarding keeping openrc or using systemd. And unlike +Lennart Poettering I try not to get into flamewars ;-P

Right now I'm testing Arch Linux for about a week or two and I'm really happy with it for a desktop OS (I wouldn't recommend it for a server, e.g. because their httpd-configuration is different from Gentoo, from Fedore and from Ubuntu and IMHO not a really good base for custom configurations, but that's a totally different topic.)
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