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Wow, LWN tries to compete with phoronix on misunderstanding things and reporting loudly and stupidly about them. Here's my suggested headline instead:

"The journal folks reject LWN, ponder whether Phoronix is new benchmark for LWN"

Edit: LWN has now mostly corrected the headline.
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Did you try emailing any corrections to Jon? He has always been on top of things, and I'd give him the benefit of the doubt here.
So seems they have altered the title now, that's at least something. Now if they also clarified that they rejected this only for now, and not for good then things would actually start to make sense.
Lennart the "journal folks" have been well treated by LWN, I think. Did you really need to stage a slashdot-style tantrum over my insufficiently caffeinated reading of a lengthy IRC log? Or of a FESCO report that reads "AGREED: F18 systemd-journal is rejected"? I have tweaked both the title and the text; my apologies for my confusion. But wow.
Jon, sorry for that. But it read like a full-frontal reject of the journal when I opened LWN today. That's not the kind of thing you like to read in one of the primary news sources of Open Source about your project, especially if it's not actually truth. Anyway, sorry for being this loud about this.
+Jonathan Corbet Sure, there is usually absolutely no reason to complain. The average article on LWN is probably just too well written, so that nobody is used to 'filter' what he reads there.

It's just that "Fedora rejects the Journal" sounds so strange compared to "Fedora 18 does not remove syslogd from the default installation", that it triggers intended-to-be-a-joke posts like this one.
Well, the feature proposal was named simply "systemd-journal", so it is easy to make this mistake.
Josh explained it best what that feature proposal was about in his comment on the lwn article...

"This wasn't a proposal on whether to accept the Journal; this was a proposal on whether to try turning off rsyslog in favor of the Journal to shake out any deficiencies in the Journal, and Fedora rejected that plan in favor of continuing to run the two in parallel for now."

The above is exactly what that feature proposal was about no more no less I should know I'm the one that is responsible for it...
Lennart, I thought we already agreed on ignoring Phoronix. So why does it matter what's written there. It's not going to improve anyway.
just post something on your blog. it would get picked up anyway
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