As people tell me the Debian CTTE finally voted on the init system. And +systemd won! Yippieh!

(Well, now a GR will probably question the decision, so I figure there'll be another a couple of episodes in this endless saga, but it's at least a major step towards a final decision.)

It has been great working together with the Debian maintainers of systemd and I am looking forward to continue working together with them! People might not be aware of this, but in our quest to standardize some bits of Linux userspace we picked up more Debianisms than -isms from any other distribution (including Fedoraisms), and I have the suspicion that there might be more things coming now...

Anyway, I think it's a good day for Linux and for Debian, and of course also for +systemd, even if there's not definite certainty on the decision yet!

Congratulations to everybody who has been working towards the goal of getting systemd integrated nicely into Debian!

(I am pretty sure it was that beautiful dogs-and-kitties picture of the "axis of evil" guys that tipped the balance, right? It was our attempt to change our public appearance to reveal what nice guys we actually really are ;-) )
Looks like Colin Watson just closed the first chapter of the Debian init system saga?
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