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So you come back from two weeks of vacation, and you find that there are about 2000 non-spam mails in your inbox. And you hate yourself because you have to work through them. But then you notice that 20% of those are a single fedora-devel flamewar you don't care for, and you happily mark them all and delete them, and you are happy and relieved, because you worked through 400 mails within a second. So, should you be sad that fedora-devel exists and spams you? Or be happy about the fact that it provides you with a reliable source for such a feeling of quick accomplishment?
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+David Nielsen +Lennart Poettering let me introduce you my two rules of reading maillists/forums/blogs. I'm pretty sure that someone came up with them before me but since I'm too lazy to find predecessors I call them "my rules". So

* Don't read threads with more than 20  answers. Seriously. Don't.
* Don't repeat your argument twice. This clearly shows that either you  don't understand that people ask you or they don't understand your answers. In both cases you need to jump out of the discussion IMMEDIATELY.

That's all. Unfortunately as a side-effect obeying these rules effectively prohibits you from reading many fedora-devel threads as well as slashdot comments., reddit, etc.
Those that can, do. Those that can't, find something to complain about to those that do.
I use mail filters to put mailinglist mail automatically in subfolders. My inbox is mainly reserved for personal mail.
+Elad Alfassa Not being subscribed you are missing on probably the record breaking longest thread in the projects history "countable infinities only" which btw is as useless as they get since in reality there is not much people can do about it other than raising awareness with their own governments about the corporate monopoly that's taking place...
The best question is: why does list mail end up in your inbox to begin with? o.O
That clearly has to be the thread about secure boot, oh well +Lennart Poettering I bet it's nice once in a while having a devel flame fest you can ignore! I know I have on that one too
I'm also wondering if fedora-devel is useful to me...
+Christoph Wickert which is quite unique, yes. Poor Lennart, he must feel all ignored. Don't worry, Lennie, plenty of you-related flamewars all around the world, even if Fedora doesn't honor for once.
+Marc Herbert Sometimes you must, because the list does not allow posting w/o subscribing (but thankfully, most lists can be asked not to send mail).

That, and a local archive is easier to search offline than gmane.
Heh, wish these were good ol' days of calm 0pointer guy making really good and useful software in a manner that was as far from aggressive as it can be... (I was pretty sure that guy knew procmail already, btw)

+Gergely Nagy xapian and recoll tend to my local archive nicely, thus highly recommended.
+Gergely Nagy I don't think you really tried gmane. By "really" I mean using NNTP: so you can post and download the whole archive in your news reader (and search offline)
+Marc Herbert I used gmane's nntp for a while. But then I realized I need the archives locally anyway, and at that point, gmane didn't offer anything worthwhile anymore. One procmail rule isn't the end of the world, and it can pretty much filter any lists I will ever subscribe to, to the appropriate place. If I'm going to download it all anyway, why go through an extra hop?
+Gergely Nagy I don't think you really tried gmane... Probably the best feature of gmane/NTTP is the ability to download the whole archive into a specific folder of your mailer for offline reading and searching (BTW I wrote my last procmail rule more about 20 years ago - quite happy about that)
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