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Lenard Lynch
Lover of all things Crafty. Dabbles, Babbles, Morphs, and sometimes Makes...
Lover of all things Crafty. Dabbles, Babbles, Morphs, and sometimes Makes...

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Sleep Hygiene is something we all need to focus on

Listen to some behavior professionals and get a start on getting your footing on solid ground.

Start out here: Urgent Naps, with Sandra Reich
(audio podcast)

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Computer hygiene for your eyes

It's becoming known that reducing the amount of blue light from your screens when the sun goes down, can help your brain's chemistry and aide you in your quest to fall asleep quickly.

To help us in the quest of good sleep, we can install and use tools to automate the change in hue (your favorite search for f.lux) for your screens, but most of these solutions aren't real open source.

Enter a work-around:

P.S. flak has nuggets that I enjoy...

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PSA: Chops porn alert, but sooo much more...

This is sooo good. Via Eric Mantel, on Facebook.

BTW, Eric is quite the guitarist himself, just sayin'.

When listening to "spoken word" content in an audio playback app, the effective audio volume is quieter than a music track played at the same volume setting.  When DriveMode's voice prompts play, they are really loud compared to the normal audio content because they appear to be set to work well with music content.

Could you either give us a quieter version of the voice prompts that we could select under "Settings" or allow us to adjust the relative volume of the prompts compared to the program volume?  You probably don't want to give the ability to mute the prompts (or set the volume so low that someone will think it's muted), so maybe 50-75% reduction would do it?

Thanks for a great app.  Looking forward to paying for a version that is even more feature rich.

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Does the new Amazon Video App work for you?

Amazon Video isn't perfect, but its been steadily improving over the years. Its getting really close to being the first place I go, even over Netflix, when I'm looking for content.

The Amazon Video App was recently updated to support off-line viewing of content. So I have been attempting to update that app on my Android phone this week, and failing.

It appears that I'm not the only one that is having this issue:

So right now, I have no access to any Amazon Video on my phone, which is much worse than having access via an old app, and getting notifications and pop-ups that I should update the app, and ignoring them.

If you have the same issue, join the support discuss so that Amazon knows that it's affecting your service. If we don't they may chase other matters.

I have raised this issue with support, and will report updates.

Not that I watch much long format video on my phone, but more to have it available if that's the only option at some point in my life in the future. (Its a low priority) Sometimes I do travel on business and that's the time when this might be of real utility.

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Sky Lanterns at Kayla LaRocco's Party

My old-n-busted phone did better than expected at this low-light task.

Sallie LaRocco was gracious enough to include us in their celebration.  Thank you so much.

Mike and Cherly Samardzija are a quick study at balloon launching.
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KeySweeper stealth wireless keyboard sniffer project. A USB charger that includes a keylogger.

(This project is made to log Microsoft wireless keyboards)

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Locking down your accounts is hard

Your digital identity, or what passes for one on the Interwebs, might be valuable to someone else. Reducing friction, so you use that identity, and locking it down so someone else can't grab it, is getting tougher all the time.

There are an increasing number of tech options to help, but just because you chain them all together, doesn't yeild the desired results. When the attacker is motivated enough. Security is hard. And what is reasonable for one is on a "one size fits all" answer.

Defending against humans is hard enough. When AI's start attacking, it's going to be pretty much game over, unless you have your own AI to defend you, and you've got mad skillz.

What has me thinking like this? William Gibon has a new book, just out. I won't read it for a while, but I have read the previous books. And I do think that some of his thoughts on AI and human nature hold water (in the small things we live with).

And some I now are moving their photos to Instagram because the feel it will be more private than FB... (Which may well be the case)

Anyway here is one more thing to consider while trying to maintain control over your digital identities. "Go outside", is good advice too. | how @gblakeman instagram account was hacked

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2-factor authentication, without stress

Using this app on your phone and the desktop removes most of the stress of enabling more secure Internet accounts.

If you haven't done this, take a look and re-think whether or not you can do this.  I'll bet you can, and not be stressed about it.
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