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The Internet's Hot Soup. One and only, or possibly of many.
The Internet's Hot Soup. One and only, or possibly of many.

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Minnesota House Republicans are passing a bill that allows the government to sue protesters under the dubious claim of recouping the costs of operation.

Instead it's clearly a threat that says "don't assemble if you can't afford legal recourse". This is what fascism looks like. This is the real police state.

This morning I accidentally and unexpectedly ran into an old friend. And I'm in such an ecstatic mood because of it, I want to share the love. Tell me something fantastic about your best friend, or an old friend you haven't seen in awhile.

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I should have done this forever ago, but I finally added one of my creatures to the Dungeon World codex.

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I saw this "advantage" system in another game (don't remember which) so I tried applying it to PbtA games. Basically, instead of adding +1 to the result, you roll an extra die and take the best two. Likewise for +2 you add two dice, take the best. For -1, you add a die, but take the worst two. ANYWAY I wanted to see how the odds matched up to the classic method, and the results are in. Close enough for hand grenades.

In short, if you'd rather roll 5 dice and pick two instead of roll two add three, it's give or take in the same ballpark. There's technically diminishing returns, you're on a curve instead of a line, but the scope of the results is so narrow that you really don't feel the difference.

Anyways. Point is, PbtA isn't broke, not fixing it, this is just a flavor change. Also, nevermind the Crit column, I wanted to see if it affected rolling boxcars at all.

P.S. - I also tried adding advantages and disadvantages (so, roll 4 dice, remove the best and worst) and it was statistically insignificant from just cancelling them out. So don't bother with that.

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I don't know if linking a kickstarter is against the spirit of the community, and I'm not a backer of this project, but they have three days to go and I wouldn't want potential fans to miss it.

Hi, I'm new to the community so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Lemmo, and I know +Jon Cole, +Mark DiPasquale and a number of others. I'm a nerd of wide variety, and I live in NE Minneapolis. Pleased to meetcha!

I'm going on a week long vacation with my extended family, but I'm trying to limit my luggage to a carry-on. If you could only bring one or two small-format games (like Hanabi), what would you recommend?

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In funnier glurge, here's an actor pranking another actor with Japanese.

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Taking a week off work to spend time with my family has helped center my values a little bit.

I don't talk much about Vera, but she is a fantastic rat, a wonderful companion and an ambassador to her kind. She knows people only as friendly folk who pet her and feed her treats, they are her only source of companionship and she gladly reciprocates. She's been a member of our family for over three years and counting.

Last night we discovered a tumor growing under her arm. Rats that aren't subject to predation tend to go in one of two ways, respiratory failure or cancer. (I know I've typed that before, not just deja-vu). Anyways, looks like she's going the second route. So now we enter the hospice stage of our relationship, and I do my best to keep her comfortable until the conclusion.

It makes me a special kind of sad, not a mad-sad, but a melancholy-passage-of-time-sad. I knew this time would come, and I'm ready for it. The only time I have ever witnessed the calm passing of life was with my (Farron's) rat Alana, as her breathing slowed until it just wasn't there. Something was gone, and it was a new phase of our relationship, the phase of remembrance. My beliefs are that the only true afterlife are in the memories of those you touch, so it's important to hold them in esteem.

She's got a ways to go, I bet, so we'll have some more good times, hopefully get outside a little bit this spring, and when it concludes, I have a nice resting spot for her out behind the cottonwoods.


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