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Storytelling, the Brain, and Moral Development
Interesting study that examines how emotional responses to stories shape moral character by encouraging introspection. Empirical support for theories espoused by Aristotle, Dewey and our own +Meg Tufano.

Thanks, +Ashley Graetz.
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Thanks +Leland LeCuyer , you're putting me in some rarefied company! ;') But I am starting to lean a little toward an interpretation of evolution that is probably not going to be appreciated by those who (for reasons that are not clear) think that we have arrived at our current human environment for no reason whatsoever (randomly). Evolution makes so much sense to me as a Christian!
Sorry, Leland. I used the word, "Christian" and it appears to have stopped conversation. Whaaa?
Seems the conversation never got started, +Meg Tufano. I guess plussers have demonstrated that they have no interest in storytelling or moral development. <ironic grin>
Thank you, +Ashley Graetz, for introducing me to Arundhati Roy (link at the first comment in this thread). What a writer! What a voice for humanity!
The deplorable word +Leland LeCuyer . ;') But we will discuss this again. In fact, I will "share" it and we'll start all over again. Another great thing about G+.
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