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#ff Google Plus Follow Friday. My Follow recommendations are as follows:

+Hazel Millichamp (The Queen of Google Plus)
+Matthew Thompson (Hes really flexible and bendy)
+Martin Bond (Bond, Martin Bond. 007 Licenced to post amusing plus comments)
+Jeri Ryan (She used to be Seven of Nine which will make her forever awesome
+Sarah Morton (She loves Bokwa and Nanimals)
+Shaun Wilders (because hes not plussed for a while)
+Gary Motloch (to make his box go red)
+William Shatner (Captain Kirk, nuff said)
+Ben Lavender (just cause)
+Rick Flynn (Hes a Bulls fan)
+Canberra Supplies (The bestest most fantastic online store in the world.....and not located in Canberra Australia)
+The Gratitude Page (Because everyone needs to be grateful)
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Thanks for the ff Leigh and such an accurate disruption to why! Ha
I'm not even going to comment on this post.
Bat and ball definitely on their way home.
+Martin Bond you are in my top 3 as you can see. A little more gratitude here Bus boy :-P
as I dont want anyones bat and ball going home Ill amend my post to something hopefully more to +Martin Bond 's liking
Maybe I've found my calling in life, to be a yoga master! 
Have you tried that with Red Bull
you see, my newly changed reason to follow +Martin Bond is already making more sense
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