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Leigh Harrell

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Scars only show us where we've been. They do not dictate where we are going.
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Leigh Harrell

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hot grits
Si got burned by the cheese grits I made him for supper. I knew they were too hot for him to eat. I set the bowl down beside Janie and told her not to let him eat them yet because they were still very hot. I went back into the living room and within 60 seco...
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Leigh Harrell

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There were two

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Leigh Harrell

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An open letter to the teenagers at the Great Mall parking lot, I’m that annoying person who took forever to drive out of the parking spot that you ...
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Leigh Harrell

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If people were as comfortable with what they put on social media as to what they say in face to face conversations our groups would be a lot smaller and and our relationships a lot stronger. Js...
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Leigh Harrell

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red velvet
Red velvet cake balls are to Janie as strawberry mini donuts are to Si...
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Leigh Harrell

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1st try with Adobe Spark

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Leigh Harrell

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i love being chubby... but sometimes i wish i wasn't quite so. i love my long hair, and i pledge to never get the old lady do. my family is made up of teachers: my father, my mother, my sister and i are all teachers. i have one daughter and one who are the center of my world, and they both know it. my wonderful husband is just that, wonderful. i could have not asked to be more blessed in my marriage, my family, or my life. i hate to vacuum and wash dishes by hand. my daddy (yes, i call him daddy) bought me a dishwasher for Christmas one year and i cried tears of joy. i graduated from auburn, WAR EAGLE! as did both of my parents.

i hate slow drivers, even though if it is raining, i become one of them. i am petrified of hydroplaning off of the road in my camry. my best friend is my husband. i have two best girl friends. i am a daddy's little girl, and i LOVE being a daddy's little girl. my father is my hero, and i cannot begin to fathom life without him. i love pasta salad with cucumbers. my favorite restaurant is Outback Steakhouse. in a perfect world, i would professional blogger and photographer. i have won the only photography contest i have ever entered. i am scared of wrecking my record on that one... my calendar is color-coordinated. i love to draw and doodle. i am obsessed with my blog and taking pictures. i am a teacher. i hope that i am a good teacher. i want to go to graduate school and get my MBA, but i doubt i ever will.

i want to lose weight, but i don't want to be thin. i hate to sweat. i despise humid weather. i like the way the rain smells. i am very much a girlie girl, but i will go four-wheeler riding with the best of them. i am cool with bugs, as long as they are not on me. i do not drink alcohol. i love singing at the top of my lungs in the car while i am driving. caffeine is a miracle drug and excedrin migraine KICKS BOOTY. my toes are my most beautiful physical feature, but my personality is my favorite feature.

sometimes i talk too fast. sometimes i talk too much. i have a southern accent. my favorite color is green and has been since i was two years old. i have been in love twice in my life. i compare every man i meet to my daddy. i HATE to exercise. i love to put on makeup and do my hair every morning. i think nap-time should be for everyone of every age, not just toddlers at daycare. i am a very picky eater, but i will usually try anything once. i loathe coconut, not the taste or smell, but the texture of it. i HATE tea of any kind, sweet, unsweet, green, herbal, *blech*.

i am addicted to yellow-box flipflops. i love capri pants, gauchos and khaki shorts. i love shimmer body lotion and i wear it every day in the summer. i have was a band geek in high school (clarinet and bass clarinet). i still don't "get" sports. i have a barbie-doll looking sister (except she has brown curly hair) who is probably one of the best people that God put on this earth. i only have two grandparents left, and i miss the other two every day. i hope that they knew (and still know) how much i love them and appreciate everything they did for me.

makeup is a necessity and if it is made by loreal, i own it, and probably wear it daily. i modeled the whole entry after my sister's about me on her facebook profile. i believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • Auburn University
    Management Information Systems, 1998 - 2000
  • Athens State University
    Business Education, 2004 - 2006
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  • Jackson High School
    Business Education Teacher, 2004 - present
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Jackson, AL
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