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Still trying to work it all out
Still trying to work it all out


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Notes on eLearing Korea2017
Last week I presented the Rehumanised talk at eLearning Korea 2017 . It is very hard to say how it was received. Watching the body language in the audience, all seemed to be concentrating, some nodding in agreement, at least one seemed agitated :) Afterward...

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The organisers of eLearning Korea 2017 have invited me to give a talk on the future of education and educational technology. The conference has a curious byline  “a happy encounter with new technology”, and it's to this byline I target the presentation. I a...

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An Ethical Framework for Ubiquitous Learning
I've been asked to present the progress on An Ethical Framework for Ubiquitous Learning to the 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society . Here's the video recording , with Pia Waugh's talk before it. This is a work in progress, with below...

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Canvas - the undead LMS and the consolidation of managerial power
The executives and managers at my place of work decided to revive the Learning Management System idea, changing it from Blackboard to Canvas. Blackboard, and the management's implementation of it, had gained a significant disdain from almost everyone. The d...

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Latour's Sociology of Things vs Illich's Conviviality of Tools
So I've started reading (and listening to) Bruno Latour , a celebrity academic famous for his work in Actor-Network Theory. I'm wondering if  Actor-Network Theory is useful for researching  Networked Learning . As far as I know, Steve Fox has done this alre...

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Beyond Journalism and beyond academic work
Image from Microbiolybytes While updating my profile on ResearchGate I discovered an excellent article: Beyond journalism: Theorizing the transformation of journalism . By Mark Deuze and Tamara Witschge . Deuze and Witschge argue for an ontology of becoming...

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Using Wikipedia as a MOOC
Your prevailing experience of online education, for better and worse, is currently Google, Wikipedia and Youtube  ( Alexa 2017 , Me 2008 , Head 201 0 ,  Hrastinski et al 2012 ). So w hy do you spend so much time and resources developing MOOCs, and why do yo...

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Collecting distributed network data for analysis of learning
I recorded a conversation with Kirsty Kitto and Leo Gaggle, the most knowledgable people I know when it comes to  #xapi     #LRS   and  #learninganalytics   applied in distributed networks (the Internet, or "the wild" as Kirsty likes to call it). Kirsty lea...

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Teaching Youtube to teach
I've been part of a small team helping Andrew Robinson develop  a Youtube channel and videos  that assist him in the teaching of shoe making in the footwear studio of the Fashion School at RMIT. A screengrab of the Robinson Footwear Youtube channel The aim ...

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UX Design Methodologies
Some  UX Design  methods can be helpful in some situations in education, such as when a team of teachers and people supporting them need a shared understanding to coordinate their efforts. Can the library use UX Design with Subject Guides? I'm involved in a...
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