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Leif Harum (The Runaway Guide)
Live free, travel hard, love the world
Live free, travel hard, love the world


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How I Overcame Addiction
Black buggers. Cat’s butt breath. Phlegm filled coughs. Overall brain deadness.

Yet every morning I would spark up a lip burning debate with my good friend the cancer stick.

I would take two to double a coffee buzz, a few to loosen the bowels and blaze through a dozen to write a blog post.

Everyday for over 10 years I got closer and closer to becoming an 85 year old sea captain.

That is until one fateful day in the spring of 2015.

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The Best Regions For Budget Travel

There’s a lot of debate over which region is the best.

But there are only 3 main contenders;

They are:

Southeast Asia | Eastern Europe | Central America
Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 21.08.23

So what sets these regions apart from other popular destinations?

1) They’re all composed of unique countries located in close proximity to one another.
2) They’re relatively safe and easy to get around.
3) And most importantly, they’re all budget friendly.

So which one of these regions is the best?

In the guide below we’ll take a look at the most important budget travel indexes. These include Safety, Friendliness, Deliciousness and Daily Budget.

Then we’ll put these regions head to head, and let you decide which region is best for you and your next adventure.

(Certain generalizations have been made out of necessity. These generalizations aspire to reflect the dominant themes of the region. They do not attempt to characterize the countless smaller unique peoples and cultures that compose them.)

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Best 1 Day Budget Itinerary For New York City
If you can’t stand sleeping through wonton soup fumes wafting up from the restaurant below, move on. If you would rather pay full price than wait on line for 30 minutes…fo-geta-bout-it.

Who’s this itinerary for?

This itinerary is for travelers on a serious budget. It’s for broke adventurers looking to push boundaries and meet locals. It’s for people who want to maximize experiences while minimize costs in one of the greatest cities in the world. Let’s go!

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Run Away With Us To Central America!

If you’ve ever wanted to explore Central America with an intimate group of likeminded backpackers, this tour is for you.

Kate from Adventurous Kate and I are leading a 15 day Runaway Tour, beginning March 5th 2015, through two of the most exciting countries in the region, El Salvador and Guatemala.

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Ultimate Guide To Flying On Budget Airlines
Budget airlines have made flying long international and short domestic flights affordable for everyone. As a broke budget backpacker, I absolutely love them. I’ve taken more Ryan, Norwegian, Spirit and Air Asia flights than I can count and have saved heaps.

But the reason they’re able to offer such low fares is by cutting airport operating costs and charging extra for every little thing.

If you’re considering flying on a Budget Airline, below are a few money saving tips, and things you should definitely know before you go.

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Eating With A Japanese Chef In Her Brooklyn Apartment
To my left is an Australian couple asking for advice for their upcoming USA road trip. To my right are two young teachers from New Jersey who have traveled to more off beat places than most. And in front of me is the most delicious Hokkaido style Nabe I’ve ever tasted.

I have to admit I was bit apprehensive about throwing myself into a dinner with a bunch of strangers in a random Williamsburg apartment. I’m always doing dinners like this on the road but in my hometown it just feels kind of strange.

Although I did feel a bit awkward at first, it quickly turned into one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had in New York.@EatWith

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Five Ways Travelers Can Make Money Online
There are also many potential online business waiting to be created. Who’s to say you can’t come up with the next big social media site? Regular people can and do come up with million dollar websites. Keep on the look out for niches yet to be filled. Or scrutinize current sites and see how they can be improved. Then hire a freelance programmer to turn it into reality. Anything is possible if you believe it so.

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How To Run Away In High School

When I was 15 and a Sophomore in High School, I wanted out. I didn’t have many friends and I always felt like a goofy outcast. I just couldn’t visualize any future in my small New York suburb. And I always thought to myself, “I never signed up for this, so why the hell am I here?”

So I would dream away math classes studying the miniature world map found in my homework organizer. I envisioned the countless different lives other 15 year olds where living around the world. I craved the possibilities inherent to travel but I didn’t think I had any options. A year later, I ran away from home.

If I had known then all the possibilities I know today, there’s a good chance I would have never run away in the first place.

There are countless high school exchanges, summer abroad programs, volunteer opportunities and even high schools on ships that travel around the world to choose from.

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How To See A Ping-pong Show In Bangkok

Every time I come to Khao San Road in Bangkok I hear them. It’s hard not to. They make the noise right into your ear, a cross between a smooch and a pop. It’s always been an alluring yet disturbing sound.

This trip I decided it was finally time. I answered the call with a triple “smooch pop” so loud that half the street turned in my direction.
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