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Excellence Child Seat Concept: Volvo Cars’ design team have completely re-imagined how children could travel safely in cars in the future
Previously we've shown you the Excellence and Lounge Console Concepts for the XC90, both of which are among the most stunning car interiors ever created (images in the gallery). This time Volvo has adapted the XC90 interior to create the Excellence Child Seat Concept. Volvo are getting so good at car interiors that Robin Page, Head of Interior Design at Volvo Car Group picked up the "Interior Designer of the Year Award" and the company grabbed the "Interior Design of the Year – Production Vehicle", look at the gallery and tell us that they don't deserve them.

“We started by asking ourselves if we could make life easier for parents and safer for their children when it comes to the child seat experience. We focused on three key benefits – making it easier to get the child into and out of the child seat from an ergonomic and comfort perspective, providing the child with a safe rearward facing seating position that enables it to keep eye-contact with either the driver or the rear passenger and of course including enough storage for those vital child accessories, such as diapers, bottles, wipes, and so on,” said Tisha Johnson, Chief Designer Interiors at Volvo Cars Concept and Monitoring Centre.

According to Tisha Johnson the idea originated in a conversation with Volvo Cars’ owner Li Shufu when he reviewed the XC90 Excellence Lounge Console Concept earlier this year and thought about how else the space left by removing a front passenger seat could be used. The design team at Volvo Cars took on the challenge and in the process re-imagined the way in which small children can travel.

The resulting concept enables the parent to swivel the seat counter-clockwise when seating the child and then lock the seat in a rearward facing position. The concept also provides storage for small items beside the seat and a storage space underneath for diapers, blankets, or other larger items and enough space for a tote bag at the front of the seat under the dashboard.

The Excellence Child Seat Concept, which also provides a function to help small children safely lean back and sleep, is based on Volvo’s clear safety position; that small children should travel rearward facing as long as possible (at least up to the age of 3 or 4). This is primarily due to the lack of muscular strength in the necks of small children and the disproportionate head size and weight* in relation to the body.

The Excellence Child Seat Concept is a clear example of how Volvo Cars’ Design Team is meeting the challenge of adding a luxury touch to the Swedish car maker’s portfolio.
Excellence Child Seat Concept
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There’s no shortage of tech companies working on cutting-edge medical innovations and now, one company has developed a new 3-D platform for health care professionals.

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Test Drive

"In 1985 Apple had a promotion called "Test Drive" where you could borrow a Mac for the weekend from your local computer reseller. At the same time they had a sales contest for reseller sales people. I had just finished my undergraduate degree (Animal Science/Microbiology) and needed to make some money for grad school, so I went to work for a local computer reseller in Ames, Iowa (I was always the computer guy in the lab).
At the end of the sales contest I got a letter from Apple (I knew it was legit because it was done on a yet to be shipped LaserWriter) saying that I’d won and was invited to Cupertino (my first trip to California).

There were other winners from other regions (but I sold the most) and I got to have dinner with Steve and Mike Murray (VP of Marketing). As a guy that had been playing with Apple II’s since 1978, it was more than a dream come true. I was 24 years old, having dinner with Steve Jobs. I personally understand the term "reality distortion field". I also spent the week with other sales and marketing execs at Apple in interviews, a tour of the factory and meetings at headquarters.

Steve gave me the keys to a Porsche 944 and then about 3 months later, Apple called back to see if I would consider moving to California and work at headquarters. I stayed for 10 years. After my second sabbatical, I helped found a new networking and communications company called Packeteer as CEO, took it public in 1999 and retired in 2002 at 41.

Lots of people can rightfully say that Steve Jobs changed their life.
Me, too."

(Source technologizer com)

... and me too after reading Steve's commencement address at Stanford University.

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Thanks for dropping by.


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Check out Apple iPhone 5s - 64GB - Space Gray (AT&T) - w/LifeProof Case - UNLOCKED - NR +eBay

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