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Ok, hand me one of these m9s the sheiks are tossing into a refuse right now, and i'll be completely happy for time being. Or until Leica designs a model with the advance lever.
Almost there, Leica:
* add an advance lever
* add an ISO dial
* reduce the thickness of the body
...and we've got ourselves a near-perfect camera.
Diese Kamera symbolisiert Aufbruchstimmung und Investitionsschutz in gleichem Maß: Perspektive für die M und R-User und die Überwindung der SLR-Historie. Wenn Preis und Werterhalt stimmen eine Kamera, die Leica viel Erfolg versprechen kann. Chapeau!
Minimalistisch und doch der absolute brüller. Da komm ich schwer ins grübeln
Gibt es bereits Unterwassergehäuse für Leica Kameras ? 
I only take Fotos with Nikon but Leica is good to
wow, just wow.
But I'm sure I don't have the money for it ><
Will buy fujifilm x10, except of the looking u can't compare them but that's hopefully the best I can get for my money (and for a big big fan of leica).
Love Leica optics, but just to heavy on the wallet. Nice, would love to try one, just to get the feel. 
The M-E seems for M9 owners a punch in the stomach. 4800 € / $ 5500 for nearly the same as the M9. I paid much much more ...

The new M has much features that I don't need, so I see it relaxed. Only the extended ISO range makes me curious. That I lack on my M9P. The increased pace but I do not care and 24mp are more data I also don't need. 
I can dream & place on my wish list, you just never know what life can bring.
it is in my wishlist! really awesome cam!
Eigentlich könnte Leica doch eins dieser Schmuckstücke verlosen, oder?

.... naja, man wird ja wohl nochmal träumen dürfen.
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