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Today is the first day of Autumn. Nights are drawing in and there is a mystery in the air when you walk around. There is just that second of reflection before the onslaught of consumerism hits for Christmas. A chance to refocus and plan that is as fleeting as the leaves blowing from the trees.   #leftlung   #autumn   #leaves   #seasons   #change   #opportunity  

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John went and reviewed Sin City 2 - A Dame to Kill For.

You can read it here.

  #sincity   #sincity2   #sincityadametokillfor   #film   #review   #robertrodriguez   #frankmiller   #frankmillerssincity  

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Hello to you, September. You are a month of colour and light. You are a month of new starts. 
Why not give +Leftlung a shout about your Autumn content needs. +john seedhouse and +Mara Leftlung always have time to listen and help move your social and business needs forward. 

#september   #september2014   #autumn   #autumnwinter2014   #content   #contentstrategy   #contentstrategy   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing   #friendly   #leftlung   #sme   #leaves   #leaves_photography   #staffordshire   #birmingham   #photography   #photographer  

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One hundred years ago on June 28th one man set in motion a horrific chain of events that would scar Europe. One month later tensions burst over into violence and the wheels of the "War to end all wars" started to roll. 
One Hundred years ago today (August 4th) Britain became involved and the fields of France and Belgium were slowly turned red with the blood of thousands of soldiers from all armies. 
It was not the War that ended war. One hundred years on and there are still visible scars on both landscape and nations.
Today we remember those who fought, lived and died for a belief in what was right. We remember the madness of war - the loss of innocence, limb and life. We remember the wounds that are still to heal. 
Today we should not forget the cost of war. 

To commemorate this centenary, a week ago we went to the National Memorial Arboretum, to recollect, to travel back in time, but also to celebrate what was achieved by all these people who sacrificed themselves for the ideals they believed in. — at National Memorial Arboretum

#ww1centenary   #ww1commemoration   #ww1   #war   #peace   #100years  
100 years ago...
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X-Men: Days of Future Past. It's about time travel. The comic came out in 1981. The film in 2014. My review has taken slightly less time...  

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Yesterday, accompanied by the awesome Mr Ivan T Camera and Mr Stephen Nicholls we went to see the....

Last of 3 Edinburgh Previews at The Fat Penguin. 

Support from Jon "Big Jonny P" Pearson with some seriously dark and funny observations from his "Last Supper, Starter, Main, Divorce..." show.
Gavin Webster took us down a journey of bemusement and ire towards reviewers, long haired young comedians and a Monte Carlo Psycho Killer moment. Should be a great show.
Jay Handley moved seamlessly from standing with microphone (switched on) to tinkling the plastics of a Yamaha PS170.

Another good night and a shame that it's the last til September.

You should catch all 3 on the other side of Hadrian's Wall.
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Almost a year to the day and Glenn Wool returned to the Fat Penguin with his new Edinburgh show. It was quite awesome - even if the realisation at an hour in and only halfway through the set-list there may need to be some changes before going north...

Opening act Will Mars bounced along a line of taste with the Moseley crowd and showed how to be edgy and still keep the audience onside.

Andrew McBurney was accosted by a former lover. Andrew and Jack Kirwan are making some serious statements on the scene right now.

#comedy   #glennwool   #edinburgh   #edinburghfestival  
Glen Wool Edinburgh preview @ Fat Penguin
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Muggy day. Hope it doesn't bode ill for the football...

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Google's Cultural Institute has launched "Street Art".
For its sake, we've gone and taken some shots tonight in Digbeth (Birmingham, UK)

#streetartproject #streetartist #streetartproject #streetart #murals #graffiti #graffitiart #digbeth #birmingham #bham #brum #bh #uk #cityofcolours #somecities  
Graffity/Street art - Digbeth (Birmingham, UK)
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