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If we love it, we’ll translate it.
If we love it, we’ll translate it.

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Love this from Word of the Day: Nidicolous -- I read the two definitions and immediately thought about children not being the same species as their parents. :-)

1. Remaining with the parents for a long time after birth.
2. Living in the home of another species.

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The next Winemaker Detective novel—Red-handed in Romanée-Conti—starts in London:
The storm ripped through the London sky without warning. Parks and streets were suddenly emptied. Crowds cast adrift under buckets of warm water besieged drugstores, shops, and pubs. Damp but not yet drenched, Benjamin and Elisabeth Cooker managed to duck into the Teanamu Chaya Teahouse, where tranquility reigned.
Elisabeth decided on tea and an open-face sandwich with ginger preserves and mature cheddar. Benjamin, reading glasses on his nose, frowned and grunted as he inspected the menu.
“Wakame seaweed brown bread? You’ve got to be kidding. Really, Elisabeth? Couldn’t we have gone to the Ritz?”
“Benjamin, this is one of the best teahouses in London. Don’t be an old fart. There’s nothing wrong with trying a new take on afternoon tea. Besides, you’re not wearing a tie today, so you’d be entirely out of place in the Ritz’s Palm Court. Even the renowned wine expert Benjamin Cooker couldn’t get through the door in a wool cardigan.”
“But I always look forward to those delightful finger sandwiches and the Scottish smoked salmon with lemon butter. Oh, and the scones—.”
“Well, here you can have some dim sum and mango-seed cake. Think of it as an adventure.”
An unobstrusive server jotted down their choices before slipping away.
“I believe spending the weekend with my father could be enough of an adventure,” Benjamin said. “I’m already missing Bordeaux.”
“Don’t you even start thinking about work.” Elisabeth leaned back in her chair and gave her husband a signature glare.
-- Click to get a longer sneak preview--

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Fun Dept.: Reminds me of a fascinating literary critique of the Batman movies I once heard on French radio.

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Love this from a review that just came in about The Lafayette Sword: "A wonderful book that doesn’t let reality get in the way of a great story."

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Woohoo Dept.: Cover and description of the new #Paris Homicide mystery: Looking to the Woods

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Conveying a Sense of Place. Thoughts after translating 14 Winemaker Detective novels. Free mystery giveaway too.

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Don't Miss This Dept.: This month's book giveaways

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Is The Dress Made of Bubblewrap Dept.: OK, I'm not much of a fashion person, but some sharp very #Paris pictures

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Odds of Dying Dept.: Yes they are 1 in 1 (from all causes). Here's a breakdown by causes.

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