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Guide to a Successful Remodel: Lighting Solutions for Your Home!

Considering a remodel or new building project?
Not sure how to begin?

When remodeling, don't neglect your lighting needs.  Good lighting design and choosing the proper fixtures will make your home's spaces more beautiful, functional and inviting.

Join us Saturday, March 1st for this popular workshop to get your bearings.

LED’s – So much is new! How do you make a selection?
What is Kelvin temperature?  Why should you know about it?
“Cliff’s Notes” on the Title 24 Energy Code for residential lighting.
Learn about layering of light for beautiful results throughout the house.
Can lighting make you look great in the mirror in the morning?

Presented by Nancy McCoy, Lighting Designer and Dave Leff, President of Leff Construction
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3 mi. south of town, next to the Antique Society, Advance Registration Required
Starting from Scratch: Preparing to Design Your New Home
Sat, July 20, 2013, 1:00 PM
Leff Design Center, 2661 Gravenstein Hwy S, #B, Sebastopol, CA 95472

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10 Areas for Winterizing Your Home

With the first rain of the season, the lazy days of summer are past us,  Your winter prep to do list is waiting!

1. Block those Leaks

Most of the problems we experience with our homes during the cold, wet and windy months come from water infiltration, condensation and air leakage.  So to get ready for winter requires the reduction or elimination of the sources of infiltration and leakage.
-Close the spaces and gaps under your doors.
-Maintain and replace worn weather stripping around doors.
-Caulk gaps around window frames.

2. Clean those Gutters!
-Remove leaves and dirt with a spatula or scraper; clogged drains can form dams causing water to back up.
-When hosing out the gutters look for leaks or misaligned pipes.
-Replace old and rusty gutters and/or repair any leaks or cracks.
-Water should be diverted at least 5 feet away from the house.

3. Insulate Yourself
-Insulate any accessible hot water pipes
-Check the insulation in your attic and crawlspace to be sure it has not been dislodged or has fallen down.
-If you can see the ceiling joists in the attic, you need insulation.  It costs a little money but you get it back quick.
-Saves on your heating bills and makes your home far more comfortable than you might imagine.

4. Check your Ventilation
-Check around your house and re-screen all torn or broken ventilation openings.  Rodents love any way to get into your home for the winter.  
-Make sure any bath fans are functioning and are venting to the outside, not into the attic
-Make sure your dryer vent is vented to the outside and is not terminating under your house

5. Install a Vapor Barrier in your Crawl Space
-Prevent mold, moisture, rot, and humidity from damaging your home! Unwanted water and moisture under your home left unattended can bring a whole host of problems from mold to mildew to structural damage and degraded air quality in your house.
-Make sure the ground is sloped away from your house so that water doesn’t run or pond next to or under your home.
-If you have water collecting under your house, purchase a sump pump and give it a test run before winter sets in.

6. Check your Furnace
-Toss out the old filter. Replace with a new one.
-Have your furnace inspected.  PG&E will inspect for free.
-Have your furnace cleaned and tuned.
-Turn on your furnace before you need it to make sure it’s working!
-Keep your heater set at 68 degrees to conserve your heating bill.
-Make sure your thermostat is programmed correctly.

7. Get your Ducts in a Row
-A home with central heating can lose up to 60% efficiency if the ductwork is not well connected and insulated.  
-Have connections and insulation of your ducts checked.

8.Don’t Forget the Chimney!
-Make an appointment with a Chimney Sweep before winter sets in for a thorough inspection.
-Install a protective cap for your chimney with a screen if you don’t already have one.  This protects your chimney from foreign objects and rain.

9. Take care of your garden & grounds
-Turn off those sprinklers. Save your water bill and set them to 1 or 2 times per week.  Turn them off completely when the rain sets in.
-Cover your bulb beds with shredded hay to protect them from the harsh winter elements.
-Cover your tropical flowers and roses with a burlap sack when temperatures are forecast to dip into freezing.  This will keep them warm and protected.

10.  Be prepared for power outages and emergencies:
-Clean & test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.  Change batteries if needed.
-Check your fire extinguisher. Make sure it is where it is supposed to be.
-Decorate safely for the holidays. Do not overload circuits or use worn extension cords.
-Prepare for those power outages by restocking your supply of flashlights with extra batteries. Make sure they are easily accessible and in working order.
-Have an emergency plan and be prepared for severe winter storms:
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Considering a remodel or new building project? Not sure how to begin?
Interested in the best practices of kitchen and bath design?

Join us Saturday, December 8th for a free workshop to get your bearings.

James Blair, kitchen and bath designer, and Leff Construction's Dave Leff will unravel some simple steps to assess the merits of embarking upon either a major makeover or some minor changes to your home. With so many choices at hand, they will also share a brief guide to
the best practices of kitchen and bath design: what makes all the difference in the way your space will function for you, what to look for in terms of quality, options and benefits, how to ensure your space is functional, comfortable, and beautiful.

Our workshops are always free, always fun, and of course we will have delicious snacks. Because space is limited, advance registration is required. Join us! We hope to see you there.
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Missy Pendleton needs our help.  Your support is appreciated for a softball player from our league. For those of you who have not heard 12 year old Marissa (Missy) Pendleton contracted a flesh eating bacteria in her leg and had to be airlifted to Oakland Children’s hospital last month where she underwent 9 surgeries and had to have her thigh muscle removed and part of the area below her knee, almost losing her life. Through the month long ordeal her family was by her side and unable to work. Missy will have to undergo a couple of years of rehabilitation to learn to walk again.

There are a number of fundraisers set up to help her family with the astronomical medical costs. View and print these flyers:

Mary's Pizza in Santa Rosa on July 23
Beyond The Glory in Petaluma on Aug 7
Chili's in Rohnert Park on Aug 21

There is also a Facebook page set-up to track her progress, "Prayers for Missy Pendleton" which also contains a list of the fundraisers and account information if you would just like to make a donation.
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Guide to a Successful Remodeling Project: Creative Design, Smart Decisions, and Your Budget

Join us Saturday, May 11th at 10 am for a free workshop to learn how to start your remodeling or building project.

“How do I begin?”  “How do I think about a budget?”
“Can I get a beautiful project done within my budget?”

Some of the topics we will touch on:

    Understanding the different ways to approach the remodeling process as a whole, conventional vs. design/build
    Why thinking in terms of $ per square foot is not a reliable way to gauge the cost of a project.
    What does it really cost to remodel your house? What they don’t tell you on HGTV.
    Learn what drives costs and the importance of value engineering during design.
    Why are some contractors more expensive than others, and what you are really paying for when you hire a contractor?
    Identify the differences between high quality and lower quality work that a professional would notice.  

You’ll see before and after photos of our projects, and we’ll explore costs of various typical projects.   

It's fun, it’s free, of course we'll have delicious snacks, BUT space is limited, so advance registration is required.

Register online at
or call us at 707-823-4899.

We hope to see you there!

Leff Design Center
2661 Gravenstein Hwy South, Suite B
(next to the Antique Society)
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Thanks!  The media room and kitchen were swapped and the kitchen opened up quite a bit with entry to the back yard and pool area.
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Getting ready for winter isn’t all about drab work around the house.  Properly preparing for the descent into the cold, gray rainy season means there are parties to attend, old friends to meet and new friends to make, festivities to bolster your mood against the inevitably gloomy days ahead.  Make your fall and winter one to remember.  Here’s a worthy and fun start:

Verity helps people rebuild their lives in the wake of trauma.  Their annual Cupcake Ball on Saturday, November 3rd celebrates the serious and valuable work they do for the community.  
One of our all-time favorite associates and friends, Chris Pennock, is being honored for his commitment with Verity.  This event is always fun with wine, dinner, cupcakes by Sift (gluten-free included), silent and live auctions, and this year a diamond necklace raffle worth $5,000.  Music and dancing follow.  

Kick off your winter festivities and buy tickets here:
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Just announced! Our Cazadero project won Residential Design+Build magazine’s Design Excellence Award in the Use of Technology category!  

Here’s the link to the article:
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Round 1 - Vote for us!

Backyard Battle contest for the Best Outdoor Living Area is underway by Guild Quality, our 3rd party customer satisfaction surveyors.   Please support us by voting!  Click the link below, vote, then check your email and click that link to confirm the vote.  Your email address is your vote.  Votes for Round 1 will be announced on July 5th, so don’t wait.  Round 2 happens on August 22nd; we’ll let you know.

Why is this important to us?  We work hard to build beautiful, quality projects that reflect our client’s aesthetics while treading lightly on the earth, and we work even harder to make the process thoroughly enjoyable.  If you’ve ever remodeled or built new, that’s no small task, and we’ve learned much along the way.  Our Guild Quality surveys provide us with additional candid feedback on how we’re doing.  We take them seriously and move swiftly to improve our processes and our clients’ experiences.  

Ok, we admit a touch of shameless self-interest sneaking in.  After all, who doesn’t love a bit of well-deserved attention now and then?   

Vote here:
You can view the whole project here on our website:

Check out Guild Quality here:
All summer long GuildQuality will be featuring photos of the best outdoor living areas submitted by Guildmembers & non-members alike! Three different groups of companies will compete, with the win...
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