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Two Guys, One Guest, Numerous Adult Beverages - WoW & Gaming Podcast
Two Guys, One Guest, Numerous Adult Beverages - WoW & Gaming Podcast

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Episode 4.08 is live!

Delayed a couple weeks, but the latest episode of LeetSauced is out today. Join our hosts as we discuss what we've been playing lately, and give some helpful tips on how to fill your summer break.

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Episode IV.VII with Meloree

New episode out this week with special guest Meloree (@melofedge). Plenty of chat about the evolution of WoW and comparisons to other MMOs on the market, including Secret World and Final Fantasy. 


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Episode 4.06 - WoW Talk with Logan & Theck

First of two fresh episodes we recorded this week. Featuring the return of Theck from Sacred Duty. We cover lots of thoughts about the current state of raiding, including content pacing, the role raiders play in Blizzard's customer retention, and thoughts on the future with Mythic raiding coming up.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think. 



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Fresh episode with special guest +Vincent Minnucci 

We get an insider-perspective on Heroes of the Storm, discuss the DotA2 documentary Free2Play, and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. 


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Fresh episode out today. We cover everything notable since November/Blizzcon, and our 2013 gaming wrap-up.

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This week our hosts focus on Mists of Pandaria content, especially Tier 14 raids. Since the release of MoP, we haven’t had a WoW-centric episode, so we figured we would do an omnibus discussion of our impressions including:
- Leveling Process
- Pandaria Zones
- Heroics, Dailies and various Gear Grinds
- Sweet sweet Tier 14 raiding
- Auctions that got Logan Gold-Capped

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In case you missed it (just getting back into the swing of things after a long, labourious holiday week?), here's a quick link to our holiday special.  Thanks go out to +MadCast Gaming's Prince for participating in our Hotseat.

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LeetSauced casts Week 1 CGL Match

Recently CQ Gaming started up their own League of Legends weekly league, the Conquest Gaming League, and we were asked to cast some of the matches.  Below is a link to our first week of action.  The sound quality on Vik is off, but we've got that fixed for next week. 

Thanks to both teams for letting us share your match, and good luck to the competitors this season.

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New Release: Episode 58 is out:

Things covered in this episode include:
- Gold Tips from Alto and The Gold Queen (Thanks to you both for helping out listeners)
- Logan learns about the Flying Spaghetti Monster
- We debut a new style of drinking game!
- Hi-Ya’s MIA, so D-Cupcakes fills in
- Thread Counts! Holy shit do we debunk some myths about Thread Counts.
- Breath of the Black Prince, the Wrathion questline, and how much of headache this will be for Logan.

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This past weekend our guys dipped their toes into casting with the Madcast Open LoL tournament. Check out the action via this VoD from Logan's Twitch.TV page.
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