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Lee kowalski Walker

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I hope this young man lives no where near New York City... There would be utter chaos in his life if he did. Word is bond Bea.

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Lee kowalski Walker

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Deleting comments is less effort than writing them. Value exchange win. 
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ah, yeah :D
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Lee kowalski Walker

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At the login screen it tells me my login is 'Lee', but then in terminal it tells me 'Login incorrect'.

Do I have two logins? 
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visualize en el archivo /home los usuarios
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Lee kowalski Walker

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Shit got real when the face got revealed - ghost
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Lee kowalski Walker

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What is a DJ if he can't scratch? 
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Lee kowalski Walker

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Contact your MEPs before July 9th to urge them to rewrite this. This law threatens normal usage of sites like Google plus.
Original proposal from my draft report: Amendment 421, adopted in committee with the votes of European People's Party, Socialists & Cavada (Liberals): Calls on the EU legislator to ensure that the use of photographs, video footage or other images of works which are permanently located in public ...
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Lee kowalski Walker

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I know this all too well, thankfully by changing pc so frequently you realise what data is redundant ;)
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Lee kowalski Walker

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There are two discussions in the contents of this post. One is between me and ash, the other between me and a fucking retard. It's good reading.
I'm unsure how reliable these numbers are, but I'd like to mention that in the light of all this controversy of how much Apple and Spotify are paying artists per stream.

Google Play Music pays artists nearly 10 times as much per stream.
10 times.
Here ya go, the world of micro-decimal math. RELATED: Streaming Price Index : Pay Rates as of 12/31/11 Music Streaming Math, Can It All Add Up? Streaming Services Will Never Become Profitable, Stud...
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Saying someone can't live by their craft, because their craft is considered art, is very strange to me. Other peoples artistic expressions should never be considered something others are entitled to get for free. In my opinion. edit: read the whole thing now, and i agree and disagree with you, as usuall :) we should not live in the old world tho, philosophy and cast societies, let people just create, and those who want and can get small or big sums of wealth from it, being money or time or status or anything, let them. Its their lives after all. Art.. Art is crap someone who do not know how to create something cool says is art, because art is in the eye of the beholder, and should never be in the eye of the creator
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Lee kowalski Walker

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Jump on all the cool kids are doing it. 
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Lover of truth, authenticity, improvisation and being silly.
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@WAWGrimeClashes - @Sin_Seer Vs @PlangeeTTE

Now theres been an awful lot of talk and hype surrounding this clash, which makes us even happier that the first beat on this is produced by

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Ver Uruguay vs Inglaterra Online en Vivo por Internet – Mundial 2014

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Electronic Frontier Foundation

Defending your civil liberties in a digital world.


CORDÓPOLIS es el reflejo poliédrico y digital de la ciudad que le da nombre. Cercano y directo, las redes sociales serán la principal vía de comunicación de un diario fundamentado en el rigor, la inmediatez y la crítica. Un periódico que apuesta de forma decidida por enfocar la realidad desde la perspectiva de los vecinos y las comunidades. CORDÓPOLIS es una urbe en permanente construcción. Y alberga una gran plaza para informarse e intercambiar opinión. Este foro se llama BLOGÓPOLIS. Allí, una treintena de colaboradores plasmarán su particular visión política, económica, cultural y social de la ciudad en que viven. A CORDÓPOLIS solo le hace falta una cosa: tú.

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Greeks rather die from fireplace smog than pay exorbitant heating oil pr...

Charles Dickens – Bleak House, written 1852-1853: “Smoke lowering down from chimney-pots, making a soft black drizzle, with flakes of soot i

The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz

Glenn Greenwald: The internet freedom activist committed suicide on Friday at age 26, but his life was driven by courage and passion

Single Room in Historic centre

Bed & Breakfast in Córdoba, Spain

Ubuntu to achieve full convergence by 15.04, and before Windows, claims ...

Ubuntu to achieve full convergence before Windows, says Shuttleworth "The actual convergence will happen some time during the next major cyc

The secrets of the world's happiest cities

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Facebook? What’s that, granddad? Teenagers fall out of love with Zuckerb...

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Banana Republic Justice: Behind The Scenes Of The Pirate Bay Trial - Fal...

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The buses run at irregular times so you often have to arrive at the airport hours before your flight and there is jack-all to do because the airport is tiny and nowhere. On the other hand, cheap flights from Manchester to see my girl. So YAY!
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The original Trof and still the best bar in Fallowfield after all these years. Excellent food, friendly service, good drinks offers, chill balcony area and currently serving a lovely pint of Brooklyn on tap.
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