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Why did cowpatty continue after known password without finding it?

Crunch 8 8 0123456789 -s 5542800 -d 4 | pyrit -e (essid) -i - -o - passthrough | cowpatty -d - -r na-01.cap -s (essid)

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Trying to change the volume. Put in the following command and got this result...

pactl set-sink-volume 0 150%
Falla: no existe tal entidad 

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What sucks more; life or the things that happen during it?

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Set up a gmail account for my mum 2 and a half hours ago and sent her the log in details. She's still not been able to log in.

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Damn, now they be threatening the city I live in. And it's not like they'll actually attack the institutions that oppress them, if that was their MO I wouldn't give a fuck about ISIS. But they just attack places where people socialise. I basically socialise 24/7 and take this as a personal threat.
Big fuck off to the catholic church and fascist government for putting us all at risk.

Yours fearfully,
Lee 'Yossarian' Walker

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This is what Cordobés think winter is. Lol. 
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