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Leeanne O'Brien
"Be the change you wish to see in the world"
"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

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I loved this blog post!
Nerds rule according to Boris Bozic!

"The lesson here is that being a dork is okay. As matter of fact you might want to encourage your kids to be a little nerdy. They’ll show their appreciation by letting you in on their IPO."

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Great read and an interesting point of view... I do wish that I had been taught more about finances in school.
It's tax season - how are you managing your finances?

"I’m of the opinion that our education system has failed in this regard. Learning trigonometry is important but if kids don’t know what it means to balance a cheque book."

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My favorite song of the moment! Love this guy - amazing voice!

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Wishing I was back in South Beach!

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Great post... I'm not sure we're on safe ground yet.
How do you think the Canadian Economy is holding up?

"I wonder if there’s more to the Fed’s messaging. Firstly, are they aware of something we don’t know?"

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Very cool and I got a personal shout out!
MERIX Financial, CEO & Founder launch new blog!
What do you think?

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Welcome MERIX Financial to Google+.

Add MERIX to your circle for insights from a cutting edge mortgage lender who continues to stay ahead of the pack with values, techology and the best partners in the industry.

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Is the product worth the money?
"For each person the answer is different but I can’t rationalize living in a world where everything has to be done faster and cheaper, except for the price of coffee."

Yes please!!
Marina Bay Sands Resort Hotel in Singapore

Gorgeous day! Excited to get some relaxing time in after a busy week.
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