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This was our big Christmas party day! Although it was not as large as the Dell party the week before, it meant a lot for us to be able to throw the children a party. With the funds we raised through GOFUNDME , we were able to buy the children a present, pro...

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Seventh Day at Manenberg: Quiet Day, Shopping, and Wrapping Party (12/17/14)
Once I peeled my burnt skin off of my sheets the next morning, I was excited to head to the school. I wanted to see how the children liked the finished wall! First we needed to go shopping for the impending Christmas party we were going to throw them the fo...

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December 16th is the Day of Reconciliation. This is a national holiday that remembers the end of the apartheid state in 1994. It signifies the reconciliation and hopeful unity of South Africa between races. Manenberg was technically closed this day of our t...

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Fifth Day at Manenberg: Painting (12/15/14)
After a relaxing weekend, we were ready to head back to the school. Because the 20 gallon bucket of white paint was not enough, Fatou suggested we get spray paint. Our problem was the cracks in between the bricks and we decided to spray them rather than met...

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No Robben Island (12/14/14)
We had planned to go to Robben Island the week before, but this was our first day all week that we had enough time to go on the whole tour. We arrived to purchase tickets 30 minutes before the ferry departed, which was what was recommended online. Unfortuna...

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An Adventure Day! (12/13/14)
This day was a very welcomed
Saturday. Being with the children all week wore me out more than I originally
anticipated. On this morning, we all headed to the Biscuit Mill. This is a
market with different food and goods vendors. It supports local businesses ...

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Fourth Day at Manenberg: Painting and a Community Tour (12/12/14)
When we were planning our trip to Manenberg, Felicia gave us the task to paint a mural. This was an awesome idea and it was made even better because Jamie had done a mural in the past. There were no details about how large the mural wall was or what was to ...

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Third Day at Manenberg- The Dell Christmas Party! (12/11/14)
The third day at Manenberg was the
Dell Christmas party! There were presents to open from Santa, face painting, a
cotton candy machine, and lunch was provided. It was a hectic but rewarding
day. It was clear that the kids had a lot of fun and were excited a...

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Second Day at Manenberg (12/10/14)
On our second day at the school, I
was happy to see the children! This was the last day of school so the kids were
extra hyper and excited. Because they were energetic, there was a lack of
structure to the program. We tried to do a few activities with them,...

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Our First Day at Manenberg Primary (12/9/14)
This was our first day at Manenberg Primary school; the
reason that we ventured so far to South Africa. Before I start to describe my day,
it’s best to give some background about Manenberg. The city of Cape Town is
segregated. Although apartheid ended over ...
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