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4 People Dead & 300 -- Mostly High School Students -- Missing after ship sank while traveling from South Korea to resort island of Jeju. 
Lets pray for all the passengers that are still missing!

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Lee Young Yae 이영예

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This song is.. so Freaking awesome... ♥ Love his voice ♥♥
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Lee Young Yae 이영예

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A goodbye can be the hardest moment in some one's life, especially when that person can't be replaced , few things are never meant to be replaced.. their presence can be felt always, their memories that can never fade .
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They say that something’s different, that I’ve changed
The way I speak, it all became dark and scary - I am cold now...
My lips that used to whisper only good words
Now only swears whenever I breathe
Bad, love is so bad - [ Tablo from Bad ]
Tablo Ft. Jinsil- 나쁘다 (Bad) lyrics [Eng. | Rom. | Han.]
#Kpop   #epikhigh   #bad   #tablo  
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Donate a Photo, the new, free app, from Johnson & Johnson takes your photos...
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I truly do guys!^^ 
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''The worse thing is not the pain caused by feelings, but the pain caused by getting the false hope from some one, that every thing is fine now , there will be no more suffering and at the end its nothing more than a dream like scenario of life. Reality hurts more than before now''.. Anonymous
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+akanksha gairola  yes sis ^^ :) thank you for asking .. I am good
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Lee Young Yae 이영예

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'' I know this is so unfair... this pain and tears I don't deserve them, when all I gave you is happiness, and healed your wounds, don't tell me time heals all wounds, as I am stuck in the ''yesterday'' there is no more ''tomorrow'' for me till you come back ''.. - Anonymous
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♥♥ Tablo ♥♥ I Luv him so much ♥♥ I'm Kinda addicted to his songs lately Saranghey Saraghey ♥
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My insides are empty and my smile is dead,
Breathing doesn't mean you live
No, no more tomorrow
Till you come back, everyday is yesterday
Tablo- Tomorrow ft. Taeyang Eng. lyrics
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Wlcm hmmm I m new here would u like to guide me how to use this plzzzz..
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I m still a student :(
Psychology ♥ Writing ♥ Origami
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Asalaam O aalikum .... 
            Hi  [Anyong Haseyo], I am Just a Simple girl ,living a simple life....there is nothing much to say about me... I 'm a  Perfectly Imperfect girl.. an endless thinker  (n_♥)    
I will tell  you about the things I love ♥ 
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  • I love psychology, 
  • I love doing creative things, 
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  • I love acoustic guitar so much,
  •  I also like writing stories, quotes,
  • I like origami [ Paper folding art ] , I love creating handmade gifts out of Origami,
  • I like music a lot, especially the classics like Ludovico Einaudi's music , Pachelbel's Canon in D, etc and also  pop ,soft-rock and some times rock music too, but it has to be soulful . I really like soulful music ^ _ ^
  •  I also like reading about Psychology, 
  •   I love reading  stories,
  • I love Philosophy , I really like talking about the philosophical topics   ^ ^ .
  •  I am into other creative hobby called ''Landscape photography'' ♥ you can see my work in my gplus album n_n .
  •  I am interested in learning Korean , i have learnt few words in Korean, I hope Insha Allah some day I will learn Korean :)   

I'm Crazy about :  Kawaii  Items [Japanese word for Cute] , and I cant stop myself when i see cute things, I Luv talking endlessly, especially Silly things ;) I love watching Korean Dramas, Movies, And I m a Die-Hard Fan of Tea ♥♥

Things I Hate  : Maths, I hate Yogurt [ ewwww......], I hate Violence, Fights, Arguments, I hate serious type of people, dominating people (>_<) 

       If you add me, then I would appreciate it a lot :D . Well, That's all for now... You will know me better after talking to me hehehe :D  Gomapsahaminida [ Thank you]  ♥ (♥_♥~) ♥
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