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Chrome  - 
Samsung Chromebook Pro vs Surface 4 not much difference spec wise but the Surface is double the price
Windows devices like the Surface basically have a monopoly on the 2-in-1 form factor. That may change soon, as Samsung is launching a couple of Chromebook 2-in-1s​ that include Google Play for running Android apps.
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Lee Webster

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Looks like Google have moved on from auto cars to flying cars exciting #iwantone #bangkoktraffic
Tiny electric airplanes could become mainstream sooner than you think.
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+Lee Webster I'll be in Bangkok next week. Will you be around? Private message me if so!
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Lee Webster

Google Apps  - 
Here is to 2016 and hope you guys have a great 2017 and keep sharing your love of learning here - take care ;-)
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Bello pero'
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Lee Webster

Devices - iOS, Chrome, Android etc.  - 
Google day dream might be the VR which comes out on top 2017
Google Daydream View is “intriguing, but not yet ready for primetime” and lags behind its (only) mobile VR headset competitor, the Samsung Gear VR. But gaps between these rivals should tighten over the next year and Daydream could even come out on top, thanks to a few key advantages.
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Lee Webster

Linux  - 
21 great linux apps #linux
We're often asked what our essential Ubuntu apps are, but rather than reply in the comments I figured I'd write a list of what are, for us, must-have apps for Ubuntu. Whether you're new to Ubuntu or a
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Lee Webster

Google Apps  - 
A great guide for setting up Google cloud print 
Google runs a Cloud Print service that can make any printer, internet-enabled or not, accessible from over the web. If there’s a printer you need to get at from anywhere, whether on a computer, tablet or phone, here’s how to get it set up.
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Thanks for the information
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Lee Webster

Google Apps  - 
Using shift to switch between multiple accounts - I have not used it so please feedback if you have
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Lee Webster

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New Years Eve and the barbecue is already on - enjoy the day guys and hope 2017 is a great year for all of you
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Lee Webster

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Handbrake has finally come out of beta after being in beta for recoding breaking 13 years
It’s common practice for apps to launch first in beta-test format for a few weeks or months, to allow early users to provide feedback before the official release. Video conversion utility Han…
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Lee Webster

Discussion  - 
5 trends in #PBL
By Rosie Clayton - These 5 emerging trends in project-based learning will continue to push the limits of the design and impact of PBL everywhere.
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Lee Webster

Discussion  - 
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - thank you all for making this such a great G+ Community 
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Thank you god bless you happy new year
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Lee Webster

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Merry Christmas Guys 
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