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Is #methadone medicine or poison? A graphic for you to learn about its effects on the brain...and to decide for yourself.
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Methodone is a poison, and should only be used in the cases of the terminally ill, as dia-morphine is...
For those it insulates from the infinitely more damaging world of street use - a medicine.
I am interested in writing for your website "a is for addiction". I recently separated from my addicted husband. I have many thoughts and feelings that may be helpful to your readers. I was completely naive to this type of lifestyle. I was extremely sheltered while growing up and now at 36 years old I feel like I am in a nightmare I've only seen on the television screens. How can this be real? How could I be so stupid not to notice the signs throughout our 5 year marriage? How can this be my life? What do I do with the pieces of my heart that have been left by his empty promises, lies and manipulations?
I'd like to create several blogs detailing my journey from the beginning; the lessons I've learned and how I am coping. I'm hoping that I will be able to offer strength, insight and hope to anyone else that may be experiencing something similar. Please contact me on Google+.
We do have opening nationwide, Just Ask on HR4U
If you're looking for Help.Message Mamma Rose directly, no scouters here,we help all living with addiction and not for profit, it's out of Love to help,out of love for James Barton lost to addiction in Hamilton County Justice Center on 4th floor of drugs he got in there in of Heroin,codine,morphine and amitriptolyne. Now I help the Living to get them proper care and not into bad rehabs
nationwide and not threw Scouters or bad rehabs in it 4 $$$$. Please also sign petition to get all Ohio assistance ,including homeless veterans. Non insured.
Help by getting all states to open one & follow.

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