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Why are you on G+?

This is great from +steph wanamaker 

What's your 5?
5 Ways Google Plus has Changed my Life
I am a huge advocate of Google Plus and I see red when people call it a ghost town.  The reason is that I don’t want newcomers to be discouraged from checking us out and therefore missing out on making new friends from all corners of the world. Once I was in a hangout where the only time zone not represented was Australia!  
I have been here every day since June 29, 2011 and have learned something every day.  This is literally my one stop social network. I have never even registered for Pinterest, because that  is how loyal I am. I still have Facebook for family and friends that won’t come over but when they do I will delete my account there. I still have a Twitter account as well but have not signed in for three months. I have nothing against marketing and that is an important part of any social network but posts should also generate conversation, It is almost impossible to generate real conversation there especially with the 140 character limit. I find that really frustrating. And they don’t have Hangouts which are the best feature I have ever seen on a social network and will be a huge draw in the future. You can even play poker in them now with the help of apps.
Wanamaker’s Top 5 List
5. I have enjoyed meeting so many people with common interests like movie and music. I honestly prefer my friends here to my friends in real life who really aren’t into technology as much as they are into hockey.
4. Hashtags are an easy way to make your posts searchable and have fun trending topics. I would never met so many cool redheads without #gingerthursday
3. I no longer have to watch CNN or read the papers- all breaking news is delivered here instantaneously
2 I have gotten 2 paying freelance jobs just through Google Plus connections.
1.I have always wanted to visit California but couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel  for more than a weekend  but within a week of hanging out with my core group of friends I was invited to stay with one as they had a spare bedroom and that way I could see the sights of Los Angeles Trip of a lifetime!  You can’t get that level of closeness on any other social network  and I am looking forward to more  Hirl’s  (Hangout in Real Life) in the future.  There is one happening almost every month.!
Congratulations Google Plus on a successful Beta launch and I predict that you will be the #1 social network within  two years!
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1. I have met some wonderful, fascinating and interesting people that I wouldn't otherwise have met.
2. I've learned about things every day since I've been here, I don't think other social networks could say that!
3. It has given the confidence and base to self-publish my work. 
4. I have and am enjoying intelligent debates and discussions on a whole range of topics.
5. I can fangirl about some of my less mainstream interests and hobbies with the great communities we have here. 
+steph wanamaker Thank you! I love this place because it's friendly, engaging and full of wonderful intelligent people. I've been welcomed with open arms.
+Lee Smallwood Thank you. I don't think I've mentioned it on here for a while due to a hiatus. You should be able to find my erotica on Amazon though :-) 
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