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Day 7 ... being bed ridden due to flu

I've never felt anything like this before, I missed a dinner party on the 30th and New Years eve due to this thing

Hope none of you have it...

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I think that's what I'm getting, could hardly sleep last night. 
I am sorry...and hope you get better soon.  At least you're getting it out of the way early (If there's anything good about that!)
I had the flu this Xmas also. Take my advice: If you are feeling a bit woozy, do not, I repeat, do not, go out in the public.  Stay at home and rest.
I get a flu jab every year - No idea if it does any good but I don't get flu.
Bad case of the flu or is it the Norovirus as that is horrible. I had that the other year, would not wish that on anyone
Day 7 mate? That's bad, poor you, and over Christmas too. Hope you get better soon. Happy New Year, although you might not be too happy at the moment. 
Condolences and best wishes!
The good news is that by now you're probably getting better. I hope it doesn't last much longer, so that you can enjoy 2013.
Awww, poor you. Take care and take lots of Echinacea and garlic - it's made me loads better since yesterday, I swear!
That's bad, wish you a speedy recovery !
~Thanks everyone... it's been a crazy time! Not 100% yet but back at work now for the first time
Look at your comments! Clearly you are very influenzial! (I'll get my coat)
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