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Wordpress Plugins

When I set up Wordpress sites for clients or my own sites there are plugins that I install to help me optimise the on-site content and on-page elements - so I thought I'd list them here - hope it helps :)

SEO Ultimate : - all in one on-page SEO

Greg's High Performance SEO : - an alternative to SEO Ultimate

Custom login screen : - removes the wordpress branding

PubSubHubBub : - claims the content you publish – helps prevent other people taking it as there own

Cool Author Box : - needed for Google+ publisher rank and author rank

Site performance and internal architecture
A good vid from +Matt Cutts at Google talking about latency, internal linking and social sharing
If you were an SEO of a large company, what would you include in your 2011 strategy?

Wordpress Plugins I use that address the 3 points Matt discusses in the video are:

SEO Smart Links : - for auto internal linking - NOTE read this post before using the plugin and if unsure DON'T install it and seek advice and don't just use the plugin as is ... Remember that moderation is key limit the number of links being created by the plugin - e.g. I limit it to 1 link per post [h/t +Craig Deakin for sharing the link]

*YARPP (related post plugin) : (alternative to Zemanta below or if you prefer not to use SEO Smart Links)

WP Total Cache : - can increase site speed by 10 x

Digg Digg : - fully customisable and adds a floating bar on the side of the blog posts

Other things account needed for each author – same email must be used as the one they use for logging into the VF blog

Zemanta : - for finding external content to link to – (here's my latest blog on it and +Mark Traphagen post on +Zemanta

Social Metrics Pro : - provides a dashboard of all the social activity taking place on the site

Google XML site maps generator
If you have any Qs on the above leave a comment below let me know - happy to help :)

Other Plugins Suggested by G+ Community

Suggested by +Holly Ares Snyder
Custom Contact Forms :

Media Elements JS : great HTML5 player -

Suggested by +Rod Dunne
Auto DB Backups :

Auto Broken Link Checker :

Suggested by +Trey Collier
Yoast SEO : - (alternative to `Gregs High Performance SEO' and 'SEO Ultimate' )

Suggested by +Michael Kolaski
Login Lockdown :

Wordpress Firewall :

S2Member :

Suggested by +Johan Horak
Google Forms : - (alternative to Custom Contact Forms)

Suggested by +Rahul Roy
Auto post your Google+ updates to your blog : (2 versions developed by +Daniel Treadwell - free and paid)

And if you have any plugins that you tried that should be added to the above - leave a comment below and link to the plugin and I'll add it to the post above :)

#wordpress #WordpressPlugins
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Oh, I also like Custom Contact Forms for, you know, contact forms, and there's a good media plugin I've been using for sound clips lately....can't recall the name at the moment though. I just completed a wp site for a composer who needed sound samples.
nope, it's this one:
granted I haven't used many audio/video plugins, but I found this to be simple to implement, reasonably adjustable, and highly functional (it plays nicely with my iphone and my client's ipad).
You are welcome. Personal referrals are always better than impersonal reviews when finding good tools. I started building WP sites for clients fairly recently, so it's especially important to me to have a good bank of plugins to rely on when folks ask me for something specific.
(Wordpress Beginner here)

I currently have a blog on and will move it to our domain soon. Our domain is IIS based. But I can create a subdomain that is linux based.

Question: Is it better to be (linux) or (IIS) for wordpress and/or SEO and overall for the

Great list of plugins. I will be investigating them soon. I hear alot about Yoast SEO plugin too. Whats the difference between Yoast and SEO Ultimate?

Answer is that it depends what you're trying to achieve, but for 90% of the time putting the blog in a sub directory I.e - is the best practice as it builds authority to the root domain.

Technical issues generally mean that 10% of the time the blog needs to be on a sub domain

Hope that helps but let me know if you have any other Qs

Yoast is also good, so it comes down to personal preference or recommendation :)

I will add Yoast to the list above as it is a great plugin
+Trey Collier Yes, one of the main ones being installing PHP (needed for Wordpress) on an IIS server... and some server types will only install PHP on a subdomain ...

But if on a linux server I would still put the blog in a subdirectory not subdomain

NB - I dont use widows servers
SEO recommendation is to use the subdirectory rather than a subdomain, FWIW.
+Trey Collier well, for one you wouldn't be building authority to the main domain, and would need to double your SEO efforts - so to speak - in order to build authority to both domains...

since about 2008 - roughly speaking - google has seen a subdomain as the same as a new domain...

I suspect from your questions that adding PHP to your IIS server maybe problematic?

If so I'd consider changing to a new server that would be accommodating and move the entire site at the same time...
Great list Lee... always fun to look through the keyhole at others WP setups. Are you using any plugins for automated DB backups? Am using the following quite happily - on several sites. Only find out how invaluable these things are when things go all Pete Tong.

I'd also recommend for auto-checking broken URLs on high-vol sites... just keeps things looking pro
Hey Buddy

Yes, great recommendations from you sir - I'll add them to the post above :)

Thanks +Rod Dunne 
No prob Lee. I went through a phase of adding plugins (a bit too much) and have trimmed back a lot to check they weren't affecting performance. Can happily say these 2 had negligible impact on page load performance and now have over 6 months trouble free usage on the latest WP installs.
+Rod Dunne yep, I did that too - now I just keep to a few core enhancements to avoid the site(s) slowing down - and only choose plugins that are supported well by the developer. Sometimes I go back to the developers directly and ask for custom modifications - which is a great way of getting enhancements that clients need :)
Useful list you've put together there +Lee Smallwood - there were some there I'd not seen.I also recently switched to the Yoast SEO plugin (from All in One SEO) - it also contains a breadcrumb menu function and will generate your Google sitemap XML file for you.

From a security perspective I use Login Lockdown ( and Firewall 2 (

If you want a membership/subscription site I've found S2member ( to be very good
+Michael Kolaski Thanks Michael - they're great suggestions - I'll add them to the post. I've used S2Member for a couple of sites and found it to be simple to use...
i don't know about subdomains, but for other redirects i've used one called simply "301 redirects". I'd search the plugin database for something like "301 redirect subdomain" and see what pops up.
There are a bunch of 301 redirect plug ins.   Just one that you can purchase from WP for their free  sites.        That one will redirect ur entire site, if and only iff you keep the same structure.  (same permalinks)    
Ah. +Trey Collier, I think what you actually want to do is migrate to a self-hosted domain and wordpress installation, and migrate your blog to that new site. I've done that exact changeover for clients before--there's obviously some cost involved (hosting, developer time) but it's not too steep and it's absolutely worth it. Moving to self-hosting is also awesome for your SEO capabilities--I've found hosted blogs to be very...confining when it comes to enhancement options, and they tend to nickel and dime you on the basics if you stay with them for hosting and get domain redirection. 
If you're interested, feel free to email me some details and I'll let you know if it's something I could handle for you. (+Lee Smallwood if I'm hijacking your potential business here just let me know--your thread!)
Its not want I want to do,  its what I'm in the process of doing, +Holly Ares Snyder for all those reasons.


But with a better site structure for SEO purposes now.     Look at the URL of the most recent post.   

OLD: NEW: _"Note: The site redirect upgrade will not work for URLs that do not have the same permalink structure as your posts on"_

(I currently have the new site blocked from google to not have duplcate content issues)

So it looks like I'll have to move my site structure to match that of the old.    Use the site-redirect to 301 to New with old site structure.   Then installed a plug-in that 301 redirs on my new site, and then move structure to new structure.    UGH.      +WordPress   could have easily made this much easier and cleaner.   Either with a proper plug in that allows for post by post 301 Redirs, or give access to insert 301 redirs on the .htaccess file on that blogs subdomain at 
+Trey Collier Sorry, I was clearly under the impression that you were somewhat less savvy than you actually are!

I think you should be able to download the posts database (export function) and then re-upload them in the new location. There's a little stickiness, might have to fix some image links, but it's not too bad. Then you'd need to redirect old-style URLs to new-style URLs, but at least they'd be on the same domain. use the redirect function on to take people from to, and then redirect from to with a standard redirect plugin.

I'm not 100% certain that will work out, haven't done that exact bit before, but I think it will. Hope it pings some ideas for you at least!

Pretty sure the WP redirect just goes find-replace for -->, hence the issue you're having. 
I'm quite new to WP in general myself.   LOL      But I'm learning it fast with helpful peeps on G+ like you +Holly Ares Snyder and +Lee Smallwood and my WP coach +Jay Simons.    Thanks all.

Blog has already been exported/imported and in the format already.     

But I believe what you are suggesting seems to be my only recourse at this time.   <shrugs>
I also think that the pages must still exists on old site to get a 301 to the new one, but I may be wrong.   Something to test when I do it.     LOL 

Also saw in the comments all them mean bad peeps utilizing my blog to gain easy fast links to their sites.  Don't you love spammers?       (trashed)   haha
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