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Who I talked to this week week

So I thought I'd do a different #circleshare this week by tagging them :) - hoping that you can say hello to them as well.

They've made what was a challenging week into an enjoyable, stretching and sanity retaining one (!)

So I thank you for all for that - (not in any particular order):

+Mike Shaw - without question one of the nicest chaps on G+ ... of and he takes the odd good photo ;)
+Eileen O'Duffy - constant engager - seriously Eileen is just fab #fact
+Dan Bowsher - runs a lot, family guy, friend and loves curry
+Thomas Power chairman of +Ecademy family man and thought spark
+Mike Elgan - not very well known on G+ (ahem cough cough) can often be seen (or his posts can daily) on What's Hot
+Lesley White - a marketing angel ;)
+Jeff Jockisch - oversee's ChaCha's content curation, and all round great guy
+Tom Anthony - built a great tool that adds %s for browser usage over time - and works at +SEOmoz
+Mike Downes - broadcast media specialist, and all round nice guy :)
+stephanie wanamaker - music, movies and the G+ hangout queen - her laugh is infectious
+Ronnie Bincer - What Ronnie doesn't know about Video SEO isn't worth knowing #fact
+Glenn Gabe - SEO bod can often be seen 'helping as many people out' as possible :)
+Shamil Weerakoon curator of G+ tips and help posts
+Rahul Roy - Honorary google+ community manager - at least he should
+Denis Labelle - Google+ linchpin
+AJ Kohn - don't believe him when he says he's new to SEO (just kidding AJ - I know I'll have to buy you a drink when I come to Seattle in July!!!)
+Bill Slawski SEO and algorithm linchpin - #fact
+Ryan Van Sickle - my fave musician on Google+ check out his album on Google Play and spotify
+Sherri Nissel - fab person who shares some of the most amazing pics
+martin shervington - fellow Welshman, writer, pontificator ... friend - period!
+Ben Lloyd - IT consultant as well as copywriter / marketing
+Jonathan Squire - generally 1st to comment and engage on content
+Kamal Bennani - social media bod and sharing of great content
+Jacob Dix - mobile photographer, writer and become a great friend
+Sarah Hill - hangout news Queen who's never to busy to step out and engage on your posts
+Lesley Morrissey news type person - love her to bits :)
+Johan Horak - one of those truly great individuals and engagers
+Joe Vinson - great engager
+Euro Maestro - tech news and great opinions and views (prepare to have your thinking challenged)
+Robyn Miller - often found wandering aimfully through life, likes disruptive and unique technologies
+Eli Fennell - freelance IT
+Ivan Dimitrijević - SEO and Social Media
+Jesse Crawford - Digital Art
+Sasch Mayer - not quite an internet fossil (but close!) writer and analyst
+The Nerd Code - funny geek stuff [PAGE]
+Cadbury UK - the best chocolate manufacturer EVER [PAGE]
+CircleCount - THE only tool you need in your G+ toolbox - #fact [PAGE]
+Nick Rink - SEO and Local Marketing
+Rick Lutz - find him over at +CircleCount
+Melissa Bryan - redhead... geek… gamer
+Jakub Hrabovsky - basket case (I mean) ball player and does things on mobile networks
+Dan Leveille - Developer. Designer. Photographer
+Tzafrir Rehan - developer, used to work at Google now does fab stuff with browsers

My advice to anyone looking for people to engage with and get great content directly to their stream then you couldn't go wrong with the above plussers. So add them and tag them in a speech bubble below and say hi :)

Have a great weekend

Lee x
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+Lee Smallwood I’m afraid I don’t feel remotely engaging after the long long week but thanks so much for cheering me up now as I head out soon to recharge my batteries. TGIF and have a great weekend!
Wow! I am honoured to be numbered amongst such illustrious company. Thanks +Lee Smallwood!
+Lee Smallwood This is a great list. I see my favourite people on here. This would make an awesome circle.
Great post! I found a few new additions to my circles. Thank you for including me! Oh, and Hi Everyone! :p
Awww!!! Blushing lots now, thank you :)
Lee we can learn a lot from you, both professionally and personally. It's a pleasure to know you. Thanks for the inclusion .
+Lee Smallwood : the French frog that I am had to find the definition/meaning of "linchpin". ;)
Thanks my friend. It is mutual.
Have a great weekend everyone.
I like that song Nous sommes Québecois but I have forgotten the lyrics
Wow... I must be tired... Wrong comment in wrong thread... ignore me. :-Þ
Thank you so much sweetie. ((((((((((hugs))))))))))) I hope you have an awesome weekend. +Lee Smallwood :))
+Sasch Mayer that is one of the Beautiful Things About Google+ the Fantastic, Incredibly Useful, so glad it is there EDIT option!
+Ronnie Bincer Yes, the edit feature does limit the overall exposure of Making yourself look like a complete Moron comments. ;-)

I do have to second Lee though... It's been one hell of a week, and the ability to just switch off several times a day, and temporarily escape into interesting information and discourse does make a huge difference overall.
That said, a bi-lateral approach to commenting could be entertaining in a surreal sort of way. The next time +Dan Leveille makes a post about Deviantart, I'll simply reply with the comment I was going to make on +Euro Maestro's post about the prevailing sociopolitical situation, and vice versa. ;-)
+Lee Smallwood you know; I like you. You remind me of a young rugby player I saw once. You have guts and underneath all that robustness; sincere honesty. LOL.

We both love rugby. And we know it's a noble game.

We may think it's about +1s and engagement. But at the end of the day it's all about touch - pause - engage.

We play it. We stab, we brawl, we scrum. But we know.......

Have fun my friend.

I like to play the game with honest plussers.
This is a great post +Lee Smallwood! Loving the idea, probably because I see a lot of great people here!

But maybe also because I see +CircleCount two times mentioned in the post ;)
Thanks, Lee! Not sure that I've been called a lynchpin before.

I see some names I recognize in your list, but I'm going to have to do some exploring of the rest.
Thanks for the inclusion +Lee Smallwood! I think I'll be 47th to comment on this one! Commenting is really what it's all about, to enable a conversation - otherwise we're all just talking at each other. That's not a healthy social experience.
+Sarah Hill Looks like you are making quite a splash with you Hangout activity! Great job shifting the paradigm. Look forward to 'e-meeting' you some day!
you too +Ronnie Bincer let's connect in a Hangout.... sure beats chatting with your avatar.
I'm chaperoning a teen party now but I hangout at noon, 3:40 pm and 5pm Monday - Friday. Hope to see you in a future hangout. :)
Thanks Lee I'm blushing here :D
+Mike Shaw well it's true... You do take the odd nice photo :P

Have a great Sunday fella 
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