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Google+ Mentors - v 1.0 [5th March 2012]

This list of mentors have all been recommended by people from within the G+ community for the help and enrichment they bring.

The term Google+ Mentor doesn't necessarily mean they only provide advice on G+ (although they will be knowledgeable on that subject) the advice they give, or conversations they discuss are on subjects and themes that interest, motivate or inspire them.

If you're looking for examples of Google+ etiquete and how to make the most of your G+ experience then look no further than the people contained within it.

This isn't a closed circle, far from it... If you come across an individual that has been helpful to you, advised you or inspired you on Google+ please say so in the comments below then I'll update it every Friday.

Finally, this is your circle let others no of its existence by sharing to your circles so that everyone can benefit from the wealth of knowledge, humour and insightful thought process that each of the individuals bring.

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Thanks to everyone that suggested I put my name down - I do feel weird including it though...
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Don't worry +Lee Smallwood - you've proved you're a mentor to this community simply by creating this great circle. Not adding yourself would have been a mistake!
Lee Smallwood I think you look to be a good person I have looked at your site and see you enjoy life very much. I would like to hear about that lfe because I think mine is dull and you and every one I met in the lst week make me feel very small compared to you and the others I want to be you friend and if it takes posting directly on you site then so be it . Lorelei54
Looks like the growth has slowed down somewhat +Lee Smallwood but still marches on. I've already pointed quite a few new folks this direction. Persisting the tags is also quite helpful.
+David Moore yes it slowed down - will be interesting to see how many will be recommended over the next 5 days :)
Can I nominate +Kevin Gaspar I look forward to his posts, he was one of the first people I circled and he rarely dissapoints. Thanks +Lee Smallwood for sharing a great circle!
Thanks +beavis I mean +stuart littleton
Whoever it was who added me to this circle, thank you! :-)
Thank you for including my in this great list - I've at least half of the poeple circled :-)!
+Lee Smallwood I'm pleasantly surprised to be included in this circle. Thanks to the member of the G+ community for putting my name forward :)
+Farran Lee you are a sweetheart! I'm in good company and I LOVE that all of your mentors are beautiful girls... haha, guess I'm in good company? (;

+Lee Smallwood There are a lot of great people in this circle share, and you're right, it's good to have guidance when we enter the community... great initiative.
I agree with both +Samantha Villenave 's comments!
Sometimes the hardest thing to do when entering a new community is walking up to someone to say"Hi, how do I find...?" Well done and thanks +Lee Smallwood for stepping up, making that first step super easy and fun!
I do believe I missed this when it originally went out. I think it's an excellent idea, and I am beyond flattered to see that I am a member of this circle!
+Marc Jansen no problem buddy - it's sometimes easy to miss posts when the notifications are high ;)
Still different than what you have conceptualized +Marc Jansen with your ambassadors program. These folks are more internally focused compared to your suggestion list which sounds like it is more externally focused / evangelical in nature.
Actually, +David Moore, the idea I proposed simply entailed a group of volunteers who were willing to help share ideas and experiences with new people to help them get acclimated faster. The key element was that in order to help facilitate that, Google could add a flag or some other attribute to new accounts that make them easier to ID as new-comers. I also envisioned that this group would perhaps be vetted for this role by Google, and that perhaps some sort of communication back-channel and some training could be introduced to help everyone involved provide a unified front for the new people.
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