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Not for the feint hearted!!!

This is my Dads foot 5weeks after his ankle being replaced!

Amazing what they can do now eh!
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Oh, boy, +Lee Smallwood . Don't envy the poor chap. Had my knee done and then revised 16 years later.
That actually looks like it's healing pretty well, I would have though there would have been more been bruising, though i bet it gets really itchy.

Confession time now, is it bad that my eyes went straight to the mobile number  at the top. I guess I've done too much data harvesting.
Yeah I'd have blurred the # out...

Hope he recovers quick
+Ryan Lestage he's a fighter - and a quick healer so he should (no pun intended) be back on his feet soon!
Being a quick healer is definitely a good thing, one step closer to recovery!
ha ha  +Ryan Lestage that's actually worse than mine... good to see I'm not the only one that puts their foot in their mouth ;)
+Lee Smallwood Arthur (arthritis) has taken his toll from my football days in more areas than just the knee :-) Have Arthur in my lower spine which precludes golf. I haven't played sinced the mid 90's.
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